Portable Dead Space 2 In The Works?

Kotaku writes: "We've known for months that sci-fi horror game Dead Space 2 is coming to home consoles and computers early next year, but today publisher Electronic Arts listed two more formats for the game: "handheld" and "mobile."

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GuruStarr783182d ago

I think it would be great on the PSP and the 3DS.

skynidas3182d ago

Yeah, that would be nice.

NY_Pride3182d ago

Be fantastic on the PSP. Too bad I don't own one but if more titles like this pop up I might consider it.

dizzleK3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

ea is determined to beat this franchise into the ground. they're acting like the first game sold 10 million copies. while it was a good game, it was a moderate hit at best and extraction bombed hard. i can't stand "manufactured" franchises. stuff like halo earned its popularity, they didn't pound out figures, comics, movies, books, etc after the first game.

Quagmire3182d ago

Dead Space was a critical hit, yet financial failure. There have been so many positive reviews and gamer approvals of the game, why not make more? Whats wrong with building a franchise? If fans ask for it, EA will deliver. Yes this is a bit unexpected what with the comic, extraction, ignition, books, film? However, i like the franchise, and it has a strong narrative with lots of backstory, but most of all, thew best Horror game this generation, something Capcom failed to deliver with RE5.

jeeves863182d ago

I whole-heartedly agree with this statement. If they keep releasing this kind of stuff the story will soon be dead, uninspired and uninteresting. And that's pretty sad considering DS has a solid story.

hennessey863182d ago

and i regret not buying it day 1 but the demo did not impress me but the game is just stunning i cant wait for number 2 day 1 purchase for me
P.S im on my second play through

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Colonel-Killzone3182d ago

That would be nice I hope it is true.

Homegamer3182d ago

Does this mean psp2 is in the works cause I loved the psp to death the thing that always made it impossible to be my favorite was lack of daul analog sticks

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The story is too old to be commented.