Immersion On PS3, Wii and More

Immersion was kind enough to invite The Game Feed for a chat with the minds that help bring rumbling to every gamer, Victor Viegas, CEO and President of Immersion and Gale Schaeffer, Vice President, Corporate Marketing. Here, Victor speaks frankly of their latest next-gen technology, TouchSense, how the rumble feature contributes to the enhancement and realism in next-gen gameplay, the controversy over Sony's decision to take away vibration in the PS3 controller and setting the record straight over motion sensing and rumble compatibility.

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specialguest5398d ago (Edited 5398d ago )

Nintendo possibly being the next victim of Immersions lawsuit? Xbox 360 not exactly a done deal with the rumble controlpad? hmm...interesting.

Excellent news article ironwolf! yah native-american you.

THE TRUTH5397d ago

I do think Nintendo is in the "crosshairs" I wonder what approach they will/would take if it came to a relality?

I personally don't like this company, it seems they love being in the "spotlight" when rumble isn't all that important in gaming. just my 2cents

CAPS LOCK5397d ago

they arent making any money anymore so all they can do is sue companies, i bet they are hoping nintendo are guilty of breaking copyright rules.

highps35397d ago

Wow long article.

Okay so no system as of yet is using next gen rumble? Talk about bad timing.. So if they add it to the 360 people then have to buy new controllers, looks like same deal with sony, Wii also..

Why are they so late in trying to sell their product this should have been presented to 360 and wii a long time ago.

I personally dont care for rumble, their new one seems better, but as far as relating it to ps2, 360, etc. I just never liked it, dont see how people feel immersed by it.

Probably would have been smart for sony to implement it to make more people happy but who knows what they have going being as they never say anything. Definately looking forward to motion sensing and would not have looked forward to rumble.

Good article though.

Silent5397d ago

Wow this guy is a joke. Hes after the Wii's controller for sure. He's dying to see if they infringed his tech. He also said Wii's controlller feels like sony's Dual Shock 2.

I hope Wii doesnt get caught in a mess like Sony did.

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