Then and Now: Twelve Years of StarCraft

DualShockers writes,

"I woke up rubbing away the sleep from my tired eyes, with the annoying sounds of New York City pigeons coo’ing away outside my window as they shuffled into the comfort zone that is the ledge. At any given day, I’d yell at the top of my lungs, shoo them away, and go right back to my forlorn pillow to grace it with dreams. This day, however, was different. Rather than screaming at pigeons, I cheerfully walked toward my window and greeted the gray parasites in song and dance. Due to their nature, my song and dance didn’t bring them any sort of enjoyment. Like previous days, they frantically flapped their wings in despair and flew into the morning sky. I laughed, and took a deep breath. My fourteen year old lungs welcomed the fresh Spring air, and I was up and about gleefully rejoicing at the day’s highlight: StarCraft released that day."

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Hitman07694801d ago

I am a huge fan of RTS and consider myself decent at the genre, but StarCraft absolutely takes the cake for madness and mayhem. I am thinking you need to literally optimize the cells in your brain to work with micro-seconds to get good at this title, and I'm looking forward to it.

taz80804801d ago

The single player has gotten a complete overhaul with a lot of great features. Too bad it is broken into three parts now but it is still great. Even the multiplayer got some great changes like the ability to control a teamates units if they drop form the game.

Chadness4801d ago

Unless you have trouble multi-tasking in the first place, then having an entire second set of units and such to deal with is a nightmare. ;)

Chadness4801d ago

I'm looking forward to delving more into StarCraft II myself. Even though I don't have nostalgic memories of the game and its predecessor like you do, I can definitely appreciate it for what it is - an awesome experience.

iiprotocolii4801d ago

StarCraft, imo, is probably the best RTS out there. There are others that are amazing (Company of Heroes, Dawn of War, etc.), but SC is the RTS game that pushed its genre beyond LAN parties and made it an international competitive success. Playing SCII only reaffirmed that Blizzard knows what they're doing when it comes to making games.

Bedrockk4801d ago

xbox is my rifle, my PC is my gun - the first is for gaming, the other's for fun.

Hitman07694801d ago

Bang Bang people, this man speaks volumes.

Panthers4801d ago

so gaming =/= fun?

I guess you are saying that games shouldnt be on PC or something? I dont know, but SC2 is amazing.

booni34801d ago

This is a great article but,
i have never played starcraft.
i am about to play starcraft 2 very soon so, i can probably afford an opinion then. But when people have waited for this long, it isnt suprising,

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XiNatsuDragnel618d ago

I wish for a console version too


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dmonee924d ago

In my opinion, they have evolved and become more complicated. Way back in the day with command and conquer games, they were easier to pick up and play. I’ll actually go further back to a $70 Super Nintendo game called “Metal Marines”. Not sure if I’m off the mark, but these cellphone, real time strategy games become overwhelming quickly to me. There’s too much going on at once and it turns me off. Not sure if there are any on consoles to be honest. If there is a RTS that is on PS4, I’m open to the recommendation

waderae924d ago

Metal marines... what a game, and Herzog Zwei too.

Ensemble Studios and Westwood closing spelt absolute disaster for RTS games, with exception of blizzard, no one made any real good ones. Microsoft and EA ruined two top franchises before closing the studio. such a shame

BenRC01924d ago

Over complicated. Dawn of War 1 was almost the perfect rts, its all been downhill since.


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