New Legends and Killers screenshots for Red Dead Redemption
"Rockstar Games earlier announced that the Red Dead Redemption Legends and Killers Pack for the PS3 and Xbox 360 would be available next Tuesday, August 10. Now we have some fresh screenshots of old west action from the game."

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Neco5123179d ago

I like how they've been supporting RDR with a lot of content quick

Queasy3179d ago

The 'a lot' part is definitely accurate. Almost as much as the big packs for least multiplayer wise.

CrAppleton3179d ago

Can't wait to get this Downloaded!

marioPSUC3179d ago

I think this is the only DLC i wont be getting, just because it doesnt have as much content as all the other DLC packs are going to have, content wise

DORMIN3179d ago

Same here.

That was a double edged sword when they released all the planned DLC at once, but it was great for us who get to choose which ones we want.

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