Discuss: Rage Against the Rage Quitters

..However, to suggest that Bungie’s bold and rather admirable decision to effect change is restricted only to Halo Reach could be shortsighted. Is this a sign of things to come for the online gaming landscape?

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no_more_heroes3184d ago

There were a few times when I did rage quit in FIFA 09 online, but it never became a habit, 'cuz most times I was beaten fair and square and made sure to congratulate my opponent on that. Plus, I live in Jamaica, where concrete houses weaken the WiFi to almost 56k speeds and power cuts are a regular occurrence, especially during Summer when more people turn on their ACs to beat the heat.

The first and only time I played FIFA 10 online I used Barca against this dude playing Chelsea. I got to half time leading 1-0, and I'm pretty sure the dude rage quit on me. Guess he didn't want to re-live any memories...