Spicing up Super Smash Bros with Brawl+

Made with tender loving care over two years ago, Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Brawl’s tasty blend of nostalgia and gameplay has made for a delicious recipe that is enjoyed to this very day. But what if there was a way to improve that formula with new music, stages, and even characters? With Brawl+, gamers and programmers have found new ways to improve on an old favorite.

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NateNater3187d ago

So how can you play this version? Do you have to mod your Wii?

Yi-Long3187d ago

... the article sadly isn't very clear about what this is and how to use it...

ChickeyCantor3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

You need homebrew channel for this...or you can patch the iso i think.

Its basically Brawl with some tweaks that make it play like melee.

Also there is a link provided at the end guys..

kesvalk3187d ago

no sidar, it's don't play like melee, and i hope it never plays like melee...

ChickeyCantor3187d ago

erra ya...
The hacks actually fiddle with the stuns and gravity and the likes.
Whether it plays like melee or not, they are trying to simulate it for sure.

tunaks13187d ago

Brawl+ is pretty awesome

Samus HD3187d ago

This is fUking CreaZyyyyy Awsomeeee
playing ssb stages veryy nice

Samus HD3187d ago

i take it back
i thought there wasn't going to be changes in gameplay
i thought only some stages or characters or stuff are going to add

but gameplay isn't real
and that is why i don't like it :A:A

CaptainPunch3187d ago

I see, Melee fanboys are still butthurt about Brawl. I loved Brawl I played it to death. If theses die hard faboys are still going to complain about Brawl then go and play Melee.

n4f3187d ago

brawl>>>>>>& gt;>melee imo

lil boy blue3187d ago

Here the sit you need to hack your wii

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The story is too old to be commented.