Spawn Kill Review: Persona 3 Portable

Rebecca "CuatroChihuahuas" Quintana writes, "Basically, two types of gamers are going to be interested in this game: those that played Persona 3 and those who didn’t (but may have played Persona 4, its critically acclaimed follow-up). For those who haven’t played Persona 3 yet, this purchase may be a no-brainer, especially if you already played and enjoyed Persona 4. Fans who have already experienced the game once (or maybe even twice) may have more reservations, especially because of the shift in platforms. While I fall into the category of those who are playing Persona 3 for the first time, I’ll do my best to point out what is different and what’s new in this handheld version for those veterans who may be on the fence about picking this game up."

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Snarkasaur3181d ago

This to me, is the definitive version. It could only be better if it were just straight up on the PS3.

tigresa3181d ago

I kind of see your point in this being well-suited for the PSP, it's just so length and being able to take it anywhere gives you all the more time to snuggle up with it and/or finish it quicker. Theodore needs to go though. Elizabeth would be my choice for life.

rrquinta3181d ago

LOL. Yeah, Theo is kinda creepy... I kinda wish I had picked her instead.

Heart1lly3181d ago

I really can't wait to play this. Good review, Rebecca!

ShadowPraxis3181d ago

Ugh - I sunk SO many hours into the original PS2 version. I'm tempted to pick this up when I have the cash, just to try it again from the female MC's point of view. Still, I have yet to finish P4. I should probably do that first ;P

rrquinta3181d ago

I don't blame you. P4 is just sooooo long. I played 130 or so hours and didn't even get the "true" ending... but at that point I was just like, you know what? I'm going to you-tube it...

bclub_cali3181d ago

i never played the original p3, but i might just have to get this for my psp!

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