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NowGamer reviews submarine sim, Naval Assault: The Killing Tide.

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sarshelyam3973d ago

...and I was thinking it was about time to pick up a Naval simulator. Last one I had was Hunt for Red October on the PC.

earbus3973d ago

Im still getting it takes more than a review to scare me off above battlestations pacific is brilliant 360 or pc naval and flight sim no game like it this gen.

ThanatosDMC3973d ago

I like this types of games. The last one i had was Battlestations Midway... i suck at using carriers though.

sak5003973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

POS game dont bother try demo before. I played 3 missions and gave up on my 360. I loved Silent hunter series but this is just plain krap.