Naughty Dog Founder: Triple-A games 'not working'

Jason Rubin, co-founder of Naughty Dog, has questioned the sustainability of the entire video games industry if it continues to churn out multi-million dollar, Triple-A titles.

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SpoonyRedMage3185d ago

Isn't this guy who's pissed that publishers haven't approached him with multimillion dollar deals or some crap?

Microsoft Xbox 3603185d ago

Misleading title. That's like giving Jason Rubin credit for games he had absolutely nothing to do with.

Do you know one thing that is worse than fanboys? Journalism who take advantage of it. They are the instigators of the entire gaming scene, either to rile people up or just for hits.

TheLastGuardian3185d ago

What's up with so many Naughty Dog and Uncharted articles in the past few days. Hopefully We'll here Uncharted 3 confirmed soon

zag3184d ago

The problem though is multi million dollar games most likely don't exist.

Because most games are made within 2 years, 1 year for design and concepts then another year to make everything.

99% of games don't have 5000 people working on them at most it'd be 30 people and that's probably a lot.

I would say people get taken for a ride for the PR people claims for games costing trillions when really most don't, because if they did then just about every console game would be a make or break game for the studio and how many times do you see XXX game cost 100 million dollars but the game only sells 100,000 copies world wide, that would mean the studio would be wiped out, yet they talk about making another game and yet again it costs 100 million with 500 people doing stuff on it.

it's a media joke, if anything.

Hideo_Kojima3184d ago

Your really really wrong.

The only game I know that cost $100 million to make is GTA IV and that sold enough copies in the first month to pay off for the whole project. Do you really think that no multi-million games exist? How would Rockstar get the licenses for all those tracks? That alone cost multiple of million dollars.

Most games cost around $20-40.
Uncharted 1 and 2 only cost $40 million for both but still its a multimillion game.

What games do you think are not multimillion games?
Just to pay a small team of 30 people like you said for 2 years and than pay all the other companies such as Sony to put the game on the market you need more than just 1 million.

and that is without any adverts at all which cost dozens of millions alone.

Unless you are talking about those PSN/Xbox Arcade/Indie games the rest of the games on 360 and PS3 are multimillion productions.

belowradar3184d ago

You really should do research befor you come on here and spew comments. It just makes you look stupid and then people are just gonna tear you apart.
Just some words of wisdom. Do with it what you want.

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sayonara893185d ago

Rubin is not releated to ND right now.

beavis4play3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

1 - jason rubin hasn't been with ND for years.

2. it isn't ND that's saying this - it's rubin.....who hasn't don ANYTHING of interest in years.
3 whether it's the title of the story or something in the story itself - contributors should be aware of erroneous facts and either not submit them on this site or fix the mistakes.

nickjkl3185d ago

most people only do this so they can have the ability to apporve and dissaprove stories

i try to submit but every time i do there's like 4 stories already waiting approval so i just forget it

hamsterfist3185d ago

The title says Naughty Dog co founder, which he was. I say the title and your post, so I wonder if the title was something different before. Either that or people whine and complain for no reason, and honestly have zero reading comprehension.

beavis4play3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

if you want proof - look at all of the oldest posts on this thread - they reflect my i'd watch it with the "zero reading comprehension" talk.

also, (as far as this article) i don't see the point of starting to quote JR now........he's been saying lots of crazy stuff since leaving ND. i guess his lack of success and naughty dogs AMAZING success is getting to him.

my gripe isn't just about this 1 story in particular - but rather; how the quality of stories (on N4G) in general has eroded over the last 18-24 months.

MajestieBeast3185d ago

Jason Rubin left naughty dog about the time sony bought ND dont make this look like he is still part of ND.

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