Rumor: Nippon Ichi Partners With Imageepoch To Make Criminal Girls

Siliconera writes:

Unconfirmed reports about a Nippon Ichi and Imageepoch partnership are spreading on Japanese message boards. Imageepoch are the developers of the Luminous Arc series and Fate/Extra.

This week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation has a feature on Criminal Girls, an upcoming PSP RPG developed by the two companies. Rumored details claim the RPG has a top down view with 2D dot graphics. Instead of playing a typical hero, Criminal Girls puts you in the shoes of a prison guard. The goal of the game is to rehabilitate girls trapped in criminal hell.

Criminal Girls sounds quite different from any other Nippon Ichi game to date and we’re searching for more details. As soon as we have any we’ll post ‘em.

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