PlayStation 3 boosts Blu-ray in Australia

BLU-RAY is giving HD DVD a hiding in the early race to secure the next-generation DVD market in Australia, thanks largely to Sony's PlayStation 3 games console.

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Douche5227d ago

Coincidently, I just recieved an e-mail for my Australian PSN account stating a new update has just been made. I tried making it a news post but couldn't get it together in an approval-worthy state. Some of the update is stuff you can get on a US account except new PS1 games have been added. Like Crash Bandicoot 2, Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer, and MediEvil. You should definately create an AU account and check it out if you're a fan of these classics. Enjoy.

spammy_nooo5227d ago (Edited 5227d ago )

didnt we already know this was happening everywhere else? why would it be different in AU? oh well i guess its good news. I hope hddvd dies soon so this stupid war can be over. blu ray is just all around better anyways.

i dont believe you. sorry its just something about the way you said it. it sounds like one of those 'oh dont read this. ok now that youre reading this you have to murder a prostitute or your mom will die!!!!!' thing.

no offense or anything, but i know for a fact that those games have BUGS. BAD BUGS. why would a game work in australia and not the US? oh thats right, spyro and crash are anti-U.S. terrorists.
j/k but seriously, stay on topic.

*edit* besides the fact its not even thursday.

Marceles5227d ago

Eh...the thursday thing usually only applies to NA, everywhere else is random updates but I still don't believe junior

Bathyj5227d ago

We know BR is caning HDDVD everywhere else but its especially true in Australia. Some of our biggest retailers Only carry BR. 6:1 dude, tells the story.

And stop your crying Toshiba, why wouldn't you include PS3's. PS3 owners are buying most of the movies. Include your measley Laptops if you want. More people would watch a movie on their big screen with a PS3 than on a laptop. And that still makes it 56K to 12K including Xbox add ons. Its actually pretty interesting that the hardware ratio is about the same as the software ratio.

I just bought home 300. Damn, no time to watch it till tomorrow.

Douche5227d ago (Edited 5227d ago )

I know I made it sound like one of those spam crap you see when someone's account gets phished but I got the e-mail just yesterday. On my AU account and on no other. I only said it hear because it seemed like a pretty big topic on AU and like I said, I couldn't post an e-mail I got as news. Is it that hard to just see for yourself? Btw, the thursday thing IS mainly for North America. What Australia does is on there own terms. Sorry for trying to spread the news in some way. But I do understand, the way I said it sounded like one of those, "give your SSN and your dreams will come true!" sort of thing.

power of Green 5227d ago

Sonyfanboys are fucin fanatics. Anybody notice how Sony fanboys have all these anti MS names. lol Cracks me up picturing what type of people they are in life.

Bordel_19005227d ago

You're ofc blind to all the X3fixme fanboys having anti-sony names, mebbe you're a little fanboy yourself?

Fighter5227d ago

No, I do not notice any anti MS names. I don't own an Xbox 3$hitzy, does anyone here own a Krapbox 360? Micro$hit should stick to making computer software because they look so inexperienced and can't run a console the right way. The original Xbox had better reliability but Microp3nis$oft gave up too quickly after only four years. How long do you think your faulty console will last in this generation if it keeps breaking down and has a last-gen format storage in DVD9s, the real reason why GTA 4 is delayed. I bet you when GTA 4 is finally released it will have a 'HDD required for this game' sticker on the cover. Anyone agree with me?

Take care of yourself because I can see your avatar slowly turning red. I guess you're unreliable after all.

WilliamRLBaker5227d ago

any one find it funny that the only thing making blu ray popular is the ps3? and that without it blu ray would be dead?

And this is FACT PEOPLE! in EVERY SINGLE MARKET the ps3 accounts for nearly 90-95% of all blu ray player sales, and most of the people buying BR movies are ps3 owners.

Stand alone blu ray sales gets killed by HD DVD sales, and most of the hd dvd media sales are by stand alone hd dvd owners.

P.S: this is simply a point people and not a defence for HD DVD...ect its simply me pointing out the facts, and the facts is without ps3 blu ray would be DOOMED! i tell you DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMEEDDD!!!

Fighter5227d ago

Those stand alone HD-DVD players are very cheap compared to Blu-ray stand alone players and consumers purchase the player because the movies will compliment the picture quality of their HDTVs. But they later realize that they bought the wrong player because all their favorite titles are Blu-ray exclusive.

achira5227d ago

william you are a moron. the ps3 includes a blu ray player, so why should you differentiate ? the important part is that blu ray sells more movies. its totally unimportant if it playes on a movie player or on a game console which can play movies. thats the reason why sony does not go into a price fight with toshiba, because they know the ps3 is the best and cheapest player, and the best deal for your money. and if you cant handle that than make suicide.

Rageanitus5227d ago

You bring this up in defence for HD-dvd. You make it sound like the ps3 itself is not in the market of selling movies.

Face it ps3 can play BD just as well as the stand alone players. I bought it for movies and 2ndary for games. It is a worthy device.

Its like the pda market, are we going to omit all those blackberrys, iphones, and palm phones since they are not dedicate.

And yes without ps3, the format will be doomed, but Im quite sure the business executives at sony did their home work. The ps3 is an all in one unit (NOT marketed like the xbox more gaming). This will help push media sales from sony studios, ps3 games, their 1080p monitors.

Im pretty sure the only reason why their is so much company support for blu-ray is because sony said they will include the new superior format into their famed playstation brand (which does have a ~100 million userbase). Although it is expensive for the tech, we arlready see economies of scale come to play. BD discs (maybe more expensive to produce per disc) but I noticed that the movies that are found on both bd and hddvd... the bd version tends to be cheaper and closer to new dvd releases.

Bathyj5227d ago

So whats your point? Thats like saying without Halo Players xbox would be doomed. So what.

Had it ever occurred to you the reason no one buys standalone players is because PS3 can do so much more and is a lot better deal. Why would you buy a standalone, even if you only wanted a movie player. You'd still get the PS3 and figure well maybe I'll buy a game or 2 everynow and then and it will be worth it. And whose to say without PS3 BR wouldn't still be winning. It still has all the studio support which is the main thing. Without PS3, stanelone player sales would be up

Anyway its moot point because PS3 is here helping BR kick HDDVD's arse, and I dont find it funny, I find it clever. Sonys strategy has succeeded while Toshiba's has failed.

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DaEnforcer5227d ago (Edited 5227d ago )

"For dedicated players, HD DVD had claimed 73 per cent of the market in Europe and 55 per cent in the US. Figures for Australia were not yet available, he said."

So Willie, stand alone blu ray sales gets killed by HD DVD sales? Good joke buddy, 55% and 73% is hardly killing ;)

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