Sony releases new FW 3.41

PS3-Sense writes: Sony has released a new version of firmware update 3.41. FW update 3.41 brought a lot of problems for HDD-upgrades, systems crashing and consoles who didn´t update.

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sehnsucht3181d ago

Not from what I've read. Looks like they released a new build of 3.41. Same number but it has a different md5 checksum.

thereapersson3181d ago

I know a lot of people were getting pretty pissed off over the fact that they couldn't upgrade their systems.

Gish3181d ago

you really know a lot of people that had decided to upgrade their hdd right now? I mean you may, but either you know a shit ton of people or just so happens all your friends are upgrading at the same time.

GotKinect3181d ago

How many times will sony update there buggy system?

strotee3181d ago

As often as you skipped grammar school.

freezola753181d ago

nice 1 strotee lol! Good thing they came with another one to address those issues rather quickly..

nickjkl3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

sony doesnt update it that often but on average its less than once a month

hiredhelp3181d ago

buggy system they the only system to have fault then.?

Droid Control3181d ago

I'm sick of all these F**KING updates every few months.

Can't you just do one major update a year?
Oh, and try to make it work, first time, ok?

3181d ago
Panzerkanzler3181d ago

I don't usually say things like this...but you warrant it. You have to be one of the dumbest fuckers I've had the joy of seeing today. You're sick of updates every few months? You gotta be the laziest dumb-ass on the planet. Don't want updates? Then buy an abacus and knock yourself out, then once a year, like in december, you can update your abacus with a new colour or something. Idiot.

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hiredhelp3181d ago

hmm . do you realise with in these updates they dont tell you what much of its to do with. well ill tell you what most updates hide .security updates.mainly to stop any hackers or any holes they might occure. not just upgrades for the xmb.
sony will continue the fight for that reason i admire them.yes it may cause some issue but at least sony does try to do something about it.
so stop your slgging off. for somert that may take up to 4 minutes of your lives.
unlike microsft who care about hardware sales and not likes to protect there hardware.