THQ committed to UFC brand long term, "has massive long legs"

From Strategy Informer: "Publisher THQ won't be ditching the UFC Undisputed franchise any time soon despite sales not being so hot, although it did meet expectations.

They even list a number of causes for a slow pickup to this year's UFC title: Red Dead Redemption, the economy, VAT, iPad, the World Cup... "

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Darkfiber3187d ago

Not really, it's a fad that's already dying out. It'll only remain popular until the next big thing comes along for violent obnoxious "alpha males" to expel their built up testosterone vicariously through.

bacrec13187d ago

I disagree 100% percent MMA isnt going anywhere. There is too much profit being made from the sport. What I think THQ needs to do is stop releasing it every year. This way they can make changes that keep the gameplay fresh in enough time. Graphics need to be a priority. Visually MMA looks way better and its not even out yet.