PSU Killzone 3 Hands-on: "bigger and better or just hype?"

PSU writes: "Read between the lines of all the Killzone 3 hype thus far and the words “bigger” and “better” echo around the web like Helghast bullets from an SMG. Though the gameplay was instantly familiar in the three demo levels that we played at the recent PS3 Beta event, those two words were still ringing in our ears on the long journey home"

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Micro-WAVE3709d ago

before killzone 2 came out all the media was waiting for it to fail and they got owned when it released. now as we get closer to the killzone 3 launch lets see if the media learned there lesson

GotKinect3709d ago

Killzone 3 looks like a ps2 game.
Nothin on halo reach.

Maldread3709d ago

I think you got the titles mixed up. It should be:

Halo Reach looks like a ps2 game.
Nothin on Killzone 3.

And stop being a fanboy. Halo Reach looks very good, but it`s not anyware near even Killzone 2 in graphics.

DigitalRaptor3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )


I'll give this person the benefit of the doubt - they might have poor eyesight.

raztad3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

N4G bubbles system is deeply flawed. How is possible trolls like GotKinect(=bungie?) and spam bots have 4+ bubbles, and legitimate users are down to 1?

redsquad3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

You joined to say THAT??

And stop agreeing with yourself and bubbling yourself up... it shows insecurity!

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BeaArthur3709d ago

Looking forward to this one. Can't wait to see the new environment designs.

Fishy Fingers3709d ago

I'm desperate to see the Jungle. I'm not expecting a lush, vibrant, tropical type affair, but I'm expecting to be impressed.

BeaArthur3709d ago

Absolutely. I can't wait to see what they do with some colors.

Maldread3709d ago

Yeah, i`m with you there guys. Hope there is some kind of beast in the jungle though.

They should also have a night level where you walk around quietly and just suddenly see red eyes in the distance or all around you when a lightning strikes :)

Yangus3709d ago

Bigger and better,yes.+Huge hype.

Unicron3709d ago

Just please, please balance MP. The KZ2 maps were amazing, but were crammed with TOO MANY PEOPLE.

Fishy Fingers3709d ago

Select servers with lower player count maximums.

Unicron3709d ago

Good idea. I just hated getting stuck in a chokepoint/doorway because 4 people were all running through. Their level design really was gorgeous though, damn.

SuperbVillain3709d ago

a lot of spawn camping especially at the acadamy.

Fishy Fingers3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

Yeah I hear that Unicron, screaming "MOVE!!!" at the TV. I loved 32 players on the bigger maps, or when I just wanted a little carnage.

But when I was after a bit more team play, or playing with friends who like to team up, we'd quite often pick 18-24 or something. Make it a little more tactical.

But like I said, sometimes those 32 player matches throw up some funny moments, the chaos is ridiculous.

shadow_lawless3709d ago

i loved kilzzone online too. the leveling system was great and advantages and disadvantages of using classes. one thing i think they should add though is more incentive for being in a squad, as in you should get extra points or squad medals if your squad gets the most objectives, kills the most people ect. then u'd get some really cool mixed teams. like you'd need a medic first and foremost (probably the leader so everyone can spawn on him/her) then a tactician, an engineer might be good for a level like a academy where you might be held up some where for quite some time and the list goes on.

totally owns gneric team deathmatch and boring MW2

shadow_lawless3709d ago

i think neone who has played killzone has had this embarrassing moment shouting move at the tv when your on your own. lool

raztad3709d ago

One of the best maps in KZ2 was Salamon Market, because its size. Its a no brainer KZ3 maps will be as big or even more.

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