The Four Most Awesome Games With The Worst Endings This Generation

GamesThirst writes: There’s nothing worst than playing an exciting game that ends weak. I often wonder why in the world would a developer work so hard to make its title so exciting throughout most of the game and suddenly, at the end, drop the ball.

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ClownBelt3186d ago

Look at source....Oh Gamethirst

Move along people.

dark-hollow3186d ago

i don't know why half of the news here is top ten-something!!!

Rot_in_Fail3186d ago

if you have nothing to say, then create top 10 list

Kerrby3186d ago

I love it how most people complain about Resistance 2 for being absolutely shit, except the ending was awesome.

Yet this guy says the game was good but had one of the worst endings this generation.

Oh, it's GameThirst. I understand.

Tachyon_Nova3186d ago

Lol yeah it is a pretty low standard website.

OT - Killzone ending wasn't bad, Resistance's was great, no idea about Alan Wake. However, I sort of agree with GOWIII. That bit where you are running around in the dark for a while was one of the most boring experiences in my gaming career. Pity, cos the rest of the game was stellar.

krisq3186d ago

they've removed Gears of War 2. Article title says 'four' but in the body it says 'five'.

mastiffchild3186d ago

The should have cos it's archetypal good game with a sh!t ending. Weak as pi55.

ico923186d ago

gears 2's ending was so lame its such a blatant rip off LOTR Two Towers

Quagmire3186d ago

Who said Hale was dead...?

Tachyon_Nova3186d ago

He got shot in the head dude, thats generally a pretty good sign. However, if he makes a comeback then i'll make a donation of $50 to a charity.

Sitris3186d ago


Turning into a chimera right? He kind of was capable of tearing things limb from limg with the palm of his hand! You honestly think i pistol shot would kill the new leader of the Chimera! If he isn't alive i will put $100 dollars to the charity of your choice!

End Spoiler

Tachyon_Nova3186d ago

Alright, I've reconsidered things thanks to your post, and I might as well just gonna go ahead now and give a charity $50. I'll wait and see though.

ThanatosDMC3186d ago

He might also have turned into the other thing... not Chimera but the other thing that fights/eats Chimeras that are just super freaks according to the PSP game.

spektical3186d ago

i clicked on link scrolled down and saw GOW3... and i proceeded by clicking the red "x".

Briefcase Joe3186d ago

I want to see the games they mentioned, but I'm not giving this site a hit. They post too much BS.

x5exotic3185d ago

yes pretty much total BS
they said KZ2,GOW3,R2,alan wake

Megaton3186d ago

Because this is GamesThirst.

Kerrby3186d ago

Haha, it's funny because that Killzone 3 picture is listed under Killzone 2 on the website.

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The story is too old to be commented.