Evolving Past Fun

SarcasticGamer: We all like to see games evolve and grow but sometimes change is not always for the best. Has a game or gaming genre that you liked, ever evolved to the point where you stopped liking it?

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PaPa-Slam3185d ago

I am tierd of FPS genre, 60% of my gaming collection is FPS games & a lot more are on their way, one of them is a beast Killzone 3.

dizzleK3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

i think technology, moreso than any specific genre, has evolved games past fun. the increasingly photorealistic graphics destroyed any sense of imagination i once had. yea that sunset looks real but i can look outside and see it for free.

the submitter used a killzone pic and that's an example of what i mean. the game is undeniably gorgeous, but it's a cold, clinical beauty. in it's perfection it lost it's soul. i find beauty in flaws, the game had all it's flaws polished out and therefore lost it's fun, imo. it was too perfect and too calculated. it evolved past fun into a chilly, mechanical "product". it was as if a machine truly programmed it.

it's hard to explain what i truly mean because i don't possess the words to describe what i'm feeling.