What Would Make You Pay A Subscription Fee For Call Of Duty Or StarCraft?

Gameinformer: "Earlier today, we ran a story about analyst Michael Pachter predicting that Activision will be announcing subscription plans for Call of Duty and StarCraft II by the end of the year. Even though this is just an analyst prediction and not by any means official, there was very strong, negative reaction to the idea. Reading through the comments on that story got me thinking: What would make you open to paying a subscription fee for these games?"

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kalebgray923184d ago

nothing for call of duty.... really pay for shooting when there are so many better shooters out there.... they cant seriously think this will fly.... but call of duty fanboys are all talk... lol.... remember all the ppl that said they wouldnt play mw2 cuz no dedicated servers.... lol

WhatARump3184d ago

Well if they add some cool kick ass features then sure... but not as it is :P

Motion3184d ago

Yup, I do. And I still haven't played it :)

Venatus-Deus3184d ago

Maybe if it was the only game available, they stopped making movies and I lost the use of my both my legs.

Then I would consider it.

Forbidden_Darkness3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

Lets hope that doesn't happen ever though...

Edit: A disagree? Is someone from Activision stalking us N4Gers or something?

animboo3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

every time i feel like it, then yeah i will pay.

Stuart57563184d ago

Bobbk K handing in a letter of resignation!

ThanatosDMC3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

I'd pay for a Monster Hunter game that's has no loading, huge maps that changes environments, the ability to swim and underwater combat, dedicated servers, lots of dynamic monsters, tons of quest and i mean around the 1000+, lots of weapons and armor, etc. But then again it's capcom... they're really slipping up recently.

It's been a month or so since i've stopped playing Tri.

DeadlyFire3184d ago

Never! It doesn't matter how much money it would give the publisher I would buy into that crap or DLC crap that most buy into. Its just money scam. I don't buy DLC and I don't pay for subscriptions to games. I have not seen one game with justified subscription I would like to pay to play.

badz1493184d ago

NOTHING! and I'm not buying any Activision's game either! the last 1 was CoD4 and I think it will stay that way for a while.

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ClownBelt3185d ago

Free maps, free dlc, and free games published by Activision for 10 years.

scofios3185d ago

I will never pay to play online let alone paying again for an extra subscripion , don't care for online that mutch , when i play cod online it makes me feel like i'am in that movie groundhog day , doing the same thing over and over .

GrilledCheeseBook3185d ago

i wouldn't play online if that happened
I quit Xbox Live
never used Games For Windows Live when it had a subscription (actually I still don't)
Will only pay a subscription for a high quality mmo

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