Driver Month coming to Gamer Limit

Gamer Limit writes: "As a longtime fan of the series, the announcement of Driver: San Francisco (the next generation debut and the first Driver game since 2006) had me beaming with uncontrollable excitement and anticipation. It was all set to come hammering around the next 90 degree corner just in time for the Christmas period too, but was sadly stopped and impounded for dangerous driving. Apparently it will take until the early part of 2011 for it to be released, much to my dismay.

Fear not however, as Gamer Limit will soon be embarking on an extended road trip alongside the Wheelman, starting from the series roots in Newcastle before stopping by at Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Havana, Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro, Nice and Istanbul. Yes, that’s right - Driver will be getting the full retrospective treatment over the next month or so, reliving all the highs and lows from its glorious inception in 1999 through to its critically panned modern-day instalments."

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Fullish3184d ago

A whole month dedicated to driver, will there still be other articles?

StartWars3184d ago

Yes indeed, and there will be an article to cover each game in the series.

Jorrel563184d ago

Sweet. Can't wait for the new Driver game!

N4GAddict3184d ago

Agreed. The trailer looks really good.

StartWars3184d ago

I sincerely hope San Francisco puts the series back on track to its glory days.

Forbidden_Darkness3184d ago

Ugh, this game looks lame... Loved driver 2, but the series has just been horrible now..

StartWars3184d ago

The original was a classic, but the rest never really lived up to its legacy.

dizzleK3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

flop incoming, mark my words.

driver should have been buried next to dead to rights in the "modern sequels to meh franchises that nobody asked for" pile.

3184d ago
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