ND: We’ll implement 3D and Move if it fits

PSUNI: The PlayStation 3’s games will soon be singing and dancing in 3D (if you can afford the TV and glasses) with many jumping aboard the motion control band wagon with PlayStation Move. So what about our beloved Uncharted developer Naughty Dog? Will their next PS3 game support 3D and/or PlayStation Move? The Dog’s told us here at PlayStation University.

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Eric Cartman3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

We're extremely fortunate to have a talented team such as ND creating superb games for us.

3D or no 3D, their upcoming game will be a gem. I just hope I can afford a 3D TV by then if their game supports 3D.

N4GAddict3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

U3 will force me to buy a 3DTV

Poseidon3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )



Kz3 is forcing me to buy 3dtv when i get the money lol, U3 in 3d would be insane

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Or Gran Turismo 5.

hakis863187d ago

So I've already ordered a 3DTV.. :D ready for KZ3 and YES I DO HOPE that Uncharted 3 supports 3d! Uncharted is my favourite franchise!

SOAD3188d ago

Hopefully 3D is not a perfect fit for Uncharted. Some games just don't need to be in 3D. And I think that I would rather see Naughty Dog push the 2D visuals of Uncharted even further than see a 3D looking Uncharted 2.

LordMarius3188d ago

Thats pretty unlikely since Im sure Sony will force them to

Jayjayff3188d ago

i can imagine one of those stupid titles in a game i hate them things like step up 3d does not make any sense dancing in 3d really

Cevapi883188d ago

im with Soad on this one....we all saw what UC2 was able to do last year....i just want ND to keep pushing the limit with uncharted and that means story, gameplay, character development...we already know they can make a beautiful game...i want to see how far they will push the bar since they have already set it twice when it comes to console gaming

raztad3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

"Hopefully 3D is not a perfect fit for Uncharted"

Strongly disagree with you on that one. In fact I dont even how you drew the conclusion 3D and awesomely good looking 2D games dont go along. That is actually not true.

Let me give you an example: Super StarDust HD. Before the 3D patch it ran at 720p, after it, it reaches Full 1080p at 60fps. The 3D mode run at [email protected]

What does the above example tell you? DEVELS trying to reach a solid [email protected] in 3D mode, can get even better games in 2D. No need to hate on the tech.

SOAD3188d ago

SSHD in 3D is not as demanding a game as Uncharted 2 is in 2D. Different games, completely.

I don't believe the tech has any merit. Sorry. I view 3D in the same manner as I view Kinect. It's something cool for five minutes but it doesn't add a substantial contribution to the experience. I'd rather see Uncharted 3 pushing what the PS3 can do in terms of 2D.

3D is a recurring flash in the pan. Every few years its pops up on the radar and then sinks under the surface. Uncharted 2 is an adventure/puzzle/shooter. Why must it be in 3D? It's like watching Jaws in 3D. It doesn't serve any purpose but to distract the viewer.

raztad3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

"I don't believe the tech has any merit."

Well sorry if I can not take your word in this one, I rather prefer to try it by myself and see what the fuss is all about. I dont think 3d is gonna be a flash in the pan.

And being SSHD a different game doesnt contradict what I said. Your previous post was wrong, in the sense you are saying 3d forces devels to compromise 2d visuals/performance. Even in retrofitted games, 2d was left untouched (or got better) and some acceptable compromises were done to have 3d working. I dont see how it would get worse in new games built with 3d in mind.

Dragon_Hiko3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Hah. I love how your reasons for not wanting an enhanced visual viewing so you can have better graphics in the game? See I could then say what do graphics matter in a game, it's game PLAY right? Thats what makes a game compelling...not graphics...So by your logic I'd rather not have 3d, have them turn back their graphics a bit for Uncharted 3, maybe just on par with Uncharted 2 and even MORE new game play mechanics not that shitty new graphics or shitty 3d viewing experience.

And you can say your opinion about 3d is low, thats fine and good. But saying it has no 'merit'? What defines merit? Value and since a 3d movie you know became the highest grossing film of all time...I'd say 3d has 'merit'.

Personally myself I'm in love with 3d in movies, 3d Imax is just an amazing TASTE of what is to come of 3d in the future for movies. Not super excited for 3d in games mainly because I'm excited for the Move. (can't help it, it's what I've been waiting for since I bought the wii and got very depressed I waited in line 8 hours for it lol) worrying about 3d later on...but see just cause i'm not super excited for it personally doesn't mean that it's worthless technology lol. A 55+ year old co-worker of mine is DIEING for a 3d tv and will be getting it probably within a year. And yeah...about your 'flash in the pan' statement...sounds exactly what I read hundreds of others say about blu ray...we all saw how that ended ;)

yoshiroaka3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Yea im with soad. Enough sony devs are pushing the 3d. Leave it to Killzone and motorstorm.

It would just distract from the great environment visuals they do.
I rather they push their 2d further.
If they dont have to hold back their 2d visuals for it then maybe.

I wouldnt mind MOVE implementation tho.

Eric Cartman3188d ago

The visuals are already approximating the limit of the device. There isn't much room for development there.

I don't think 3D will affect the other elements of the game. So 3D might be a great addition to an already superb franchise.

SOAD3188d ago

No way. Uncharted 2 was released 3 years into the life cycle of the PS3. I believe in another 3 years PS3 games will look much better, maybe even Crysis level if the developers learn the tricks. 3D is unnecessary to me. Completely irrelevant to my interests. And I don't want ND to spend even one percent of the PS3's power to make Chloe's ass protrude out of the screen.

waterboy3188d ago

crysis level is not a level above current ps3 exclusives anyway, crysis is just the only true game that aims for pure photorealism, but ps3 pushes cg level visuals ingame just as far as crysis pushes photorealism, so there is no crysis level

RememberThe3573188d ago

But I think Sony is going to make them do it. Sony seems to let these devs do what they want as long as it gets approved, but when you get a directive from corporate to support their new tech you kind of just have to do it.

19423188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

you know 3D is optional right? so like kz3 it will have no affect on the game unless you want a more immersive experience. uc is the type on game 3D needs with all the action going on it wouldn't feel tacked on. GG already said 3D isn't that difficult to do and doesn't take much power from the console so it wouldn't take anything from uc3. ND are the most talented devs in the industry everyone is already really impressed by gt5 and kz3 in 3D imagine what the best could do with it.

Ri0tSquad3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

KZ3, from what I have seen, has improved in visuals (better textures, MLAA incorporated, larger scale, co-op etc) and has still managed to implement 3D without making sacrifices to the 2D visuals.
To add to that, the development period has been substantially shorter than KZ2 despite GG having to optimize their engine to support 3D natively. I think the addition of 3D in Uncharted would be perfect; it's a very cinematic game.

ji32003188d ago


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Malebaria3188d ago

If anyone can do both right it´s ND.

maniacmayhem3188d ago

I think 3D is more of a fit for games than motion control.

RememberThe3573188d ago

If it fits Socom I think it would fit Uncharted fine as well.

xX TriiCKy Xx3188d ago

If it does, hopefully it won't come out until after tax time next year because that's the only time I'll have money to buy a 3D tv.

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