gamrReview Review: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty (PC)

StarCraft has no doubt made a triumphant return, but it feels somewhat bittersweet...

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Torillian3186d ago

sad to hear about the maximum on published custom maps, that was all I played back with the original Starcraft (mostly because I really wasn't that good at it)

naznatips3186d ago

Such a great game, marred by the horrible 2.0.

Duke_Silver3186d ago

glad to see the game get a good score

N4GAddict3186d ago

Yea, the game is awesome.

swirldude3186d ago

This must be the only sequel that can take 13 years and still get the forgiveness of its fans.

mrv3213186d ago

It probable has something to do with Blizzard always being

'It'll be done when it's done'

It's like the Sony sticker ( my main example ) or old Nintendo seal of approval in which if you see the gold triangle or blizzard you know the game with work and be quality, sure you may not like it but it will not be broken. Go through your game collection and find every game with that yellow/gold sticker now name the broken ones.

Blizzard makes quality games, a fan will wait if the end product is a game like Starcraft 2... I'd wait 10 years for a Star control 2 remake with Sins of a solar empire combat and HD graphics.

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The story is too old to be commented.