Gamers Don't Have Girl Friends

A recent poll on Gamefaqs indicates that a lot of gamers still don't have girlfriends.

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TheColbertinator3186d ago

Gamefaqs is full of annoying trolls,elitist fanboys and self-centered internet bullies without a goal in life.Asking if Gamefaq users have anything socially relevant to do is like asking homeless teens if they have cars.

Army_of_Darkness3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

This question really has nothing to do with gamers because all my friends have PS3's. Some have GF's and some don't! thats just how life is...

But from my experience, If you actually want to keep your GF, you'll have to definitely cut down on games and if you can't do that, have fun with your joypad and porn, lol!
sure at first, they'll act like its okay, but once they get you hooked on sex, you must give up the controller.

StanLee3186d ago

Well of course some of us don't have girlfriends; we have wives.

a_squirrel3186d ago

@above, you stole what I was gonna say :S

HolyOrangeCows3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Some of us have a Nerf football in the hall closet.

And with that, I promise never to make a Family Guy reference ever again.

inveni03185d ago

Even before I was married, "closing the deal" was a much easier achievement than even getting that last Blast Shard.

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UnSelf3186d ago

i just broke up wit mine after 2 years

and my ps3 just broke on me


Army_of_Darkness3186d ago

I feel a little better now knowing that I'm not the only one with bad Luck...

inveni03185d ago

That stinks. Now that you have time to spend with her, she's gone.

Karma is a nasty whore.

Blacktric3186d ago

"Gamefaqs is full of annoying trolls,elitist fanboys and self-centered internet bullies without a goal in life."

You are also commenting on a website that filled with what you described above.

MartinGlow3186d ago

As opposed to this perfect site.

MNicholas3186d ago ShowReplies(6)
Jaces3186d ago

Got a wife and a kid and I still game ;D

Human Analog3186d ago

Who disagreed with that comment? That makes no sense.

VINNIEPAZ3186d ago

I thought we already covered this with that PS3 HOME topic.....LOL

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pat_11_53186d ago

I think I could probably say the same about the N4G community or any other gaming community on the internet.

RememberThe3573186d ago

Hahahah awww. Maybe they're young. In that case, get your game tight. The road of bitches is long hard road, but you must walk it to become a man. And no hookers do not count, you have to earn it.

a_squirrel3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

You know COD and Halo? I blame them for the little kids.

karl3186d ago

i would put the blame on WOW

Eric Cartman3186d ago

A pussy's a pussy. It's not like hookers are free either. We pay for it, only they're cheaper, more experienced and less naggy.

RememberThe3573186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Without a women in your life you cannot be a man. Busting a nut doesn't mean your a man. If you can maintain a mature passionate relationship with a woman then your a man. I was joking around but there was meaning behind it.

OK, I'm getting too deep I'm done. Good thing I ran out of bubbles :)

@Below(s):First off Fuck you SonyWarrior you know nothing. To EC, it's not about have a girlfriend, any douche can do that. It's about doing it right. Do you really think you can be a man by screwing diseased hookers? No. If you want to grow as a man further from what your father figures taught you, you have to master the women. I know it sounds corny but once you master what it takes to really love a women you discover a ton of shit about life.

And thanks for the Bubbles I'll return the favor.

SonyWarrior3186d ago

thats the stupidest thing i've heard all day...

Eric Cartman3186d ago

Being a man has nothing to do with women. Any prick could have some female for a girlfriend.

I get your point but I just can't agree with it.

Have a bubble for writing interesting stuff. ;)

ukilnme3186d ago

@ RememberThe357

Well said.

Bolts3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

This is the naive pussy wiped outlook on life that comes from a 16 years old getting piece of his first tail. I remember when I used to think like that until my divorce woke me up to the real world where it is all about the money.

We'll see what it takes to be a man when she walks out the door with your children and ravages your bank account.

Come out of brutal divorce better off than before, now thats what it takes to be a REAL man.

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ZombieAutopsy3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Hey i EARNED that money i spent on those hookers, but seriously relationships with women don't really make you a man. Staying in those relationships and fathering kids and supporting them....that could qualify you to be a "man", but if that's what it takes then fuck that it's hard enough just to be in a relationship and if i had kids at thjs point in my life i'd put a bullet in-between my eyes.

RyuCloudStrife3186d ago

YA ALL should shut the fuck off!!!

AuToFiRE3186d ago

it almost seems rigged to me, i dont know why

Poseidon3186d ago

your right, we have wives

kneon3186d ago

Yes and strange as it may sound, my wife would not approve of me having a girl friend :)

Nada Nuff3186d ago

I've been a gamer since Atari 7800 and am happily married. And no, my wife is not a gamer...although she does play Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Scene It!, Nintendogs, Hasbro Family Game Night and a few other games. And that's mainly because I buy them for her and she likes 'em.

Gamers are just like everyone else. I think, if that poll was accurate, its just because most of the gamers who visit GameFAQs regularly are younger guys. I visit the website myself on occasion, but I missed the poll. Statistics can be misleading.