MS bought Rare to give Xbox 'a softer face'

If you're clamouring for Rare to return to its hardcore ways, you may wish to look away now. The UK studio has revealed that, since being snapped up by Microsoft in 2002, its remit has been to give Xbox "a softer face".

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Baltis3188d ago

Waste of money. Buying Rare was almost as useless as someone buying Insomniac games. For what? Why? They don't own anything they've ever worked on. Well, that's not true, at least Rare owns "Some" of their work. Banjo, Killer Instinct and I believe they own Battletoads still. So they are better than Insomniac.

TheLeprachaun3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

They own Conker,Kameo, Grabbed by the ghoulies, jet force gemeni and perfect dark as well. The only franchises they don't own are Goldeneye and Donkey Kong.

I don't agree that buying Rare was a waste of money, but the way Microsoft used to studio is sickening. Rare should have been one of their number 1 hardcore 1st party studios along with Bungie.

ExplosionSauce3188d ago

Should have, but Bungie is gone and no longer a first-party studio.

[On topic]
Rareware was the bomb. And they weren't exactly soft. They made Killer Instinct and Golden Eye.

I don't exactly like the direction that Microsoft has taken Rare. Even their logo has changed to something that looks like a prescription drug logo.

Godmars2903188d ago

But what's the point of owning all of those franchises if you don't have the talent to produce new properties from them?

And how many times does it have to be pointed out that Bungie left. That while Rare stayed, the people who made it got shoved out the door.

dragonelite3188d ago

Rare does it to them selves don't blame microsoft if they really were pushed to thing like kinect and they didn't like it. There would be a great amount of devs quitting rare like what happened to infinity ward.
The rare we all knew is died and only good and proper sequel to a old ip can revive them.

Cenobia3188d ago

How have they not made another Jet Force Gemini yet?

That game was awesome (except for the collection which prevented me from actually beating it).

3188d ago
OpenGL3188d ago

What Microsoft did to Rare is a damn shame. One of the best developers of the 16-bit and 32/64-bit era was turned into garbage.

nickjkl3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

anyone find it funny how

Microsoft had their best generation this gen but also doomed them selves for future generations

i mean come on everyone knows their tricks and they lost bungie without halo i dont think the 360 would have even sold that much

i cant wait till next gen so we can start the console wars over again i hope sony comes up with another expensive hardware since it will be packed with technology

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lodossrage3188d ago

How can Rare be "better" than Insomniac without putting out a blockbuster this gen? Do you REALLY want to count who put out MORE "AAA" games?

On a side note, why are you always the ultra fanboy commenting first. Not to mention your little snide jabs at anything sony or semi-sony related

mrcash3188d ago

I don't know who is better, but imo the resistance games arent AAA and neither is ratchet they are good games, but not AAA. I'd say rare and imsomniac are about the same. Kameo was a good game, the viva pinata series is also good they are just very different flavors than what most of the "hardcore" would like.

Corepred43188d ago

i'd have to say your wrong. Resistance is an excellent game. and the ratchet series have always been great

hennessey863188d ago

am i the only one who enjoyed perfect dark zero?

silvacrest3188d ago

"I don't know who is better, but imo the resistance games arent AAA and neither is ratchet they are good games, but not AAA. I'd say rare and imsomniac are about the same"

i totally disagree, while i agree resistance/R&C are perhaps not AAA, rare really have not come close, kameo was average, viva is okay but thats it, worst part is it looks like MS are just gonna use rare for kinect games which is just a waste

im almost 100% sure resistance 3 is gonna get the PS3 exclusive help it may need from other sony devs, also, atleast insomniac have done hardcore as well as casual games unlike rare who have done casual junk since microsoft acquired them

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D4RkNIKON3188d ago

MS can buy who ever they want but they will have only one face in my opinion. And it's not pretty.

Trebius3188d ago

If you think Rare even compares to Insomniac, you're deluded.

Even the most gargantuan of M$ fanboys would disagree with you.

Persistantthug3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

How's that working out for you, Rare?

Immortal3213188d ago

despite the fact that you guys are being abandoned by MS for a wider audience, and you guys settling for multiplat games, which isn't bad but they don't make your console unique. And how the tables have turn ounce again: 1st you guys had the best looking game on the market, 2nd you was outselling the ps3 worldwide, and 3rd the kinect is utter trash, proof, Have a buddy over, and pretend with your arms out, playing fm3, for 3laps.

you guys have at least 3 games left on your system. Halo reach, Geow3, and the next Mass effect.

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Mista T3188d ago

they also left MS with softer, more lightweight wallet :P

Alos883188d ago

They could have just used clever marketing and a catchy new slogan to do that.

GusBricker3188d ago

...was actually a pretty good game.

oldjadedgamer3188d ago

But nothing compared to the 64 games. N&B was easily the worst in the series.

PandaJenkins3188d ago

That isn't exactly a bad thing since the others were so good. I actually really enjoyed Nuts and Bolts and most people are just passing on it for stupid reasons.

I think the main problem is people are too busy living in the past, or so to speak. You need to get over the fact that Rare are not the same as they used to be so quit your whining.

oldjadedgamer3188d ago

Guess that means the rare of old will never be back. Such a shame.

Fishy Fingers3188d ago

Didnt the majority of the Rare big guns leave a long time ago?

They havent been close to their best for years.

yewles13188d ago

You want the Rare of old? Play Haze... OH WAIT-- XD

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