Atomic To Talk Six Days In Fallujah After Breach Release

Atomic Games are to speak more on its highly controversial shooter Six Days In Fallujah after the release of its downloadable title Breach in January, Connected Consoles can reveal.

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mjolliffe3187d ago

Great -- I've been wondering where this game is. Not agreeing with Fox and CNN's reports on it in the last few years; after all, it was THE SOLDIERS who requested its creation by Atomic.

I look forward to seeing more :)

Man In Black3186d ago

I remember reading somewhere that they lied about the soldiers wanting the game to be made. Some inconsistencies regarding dates.

Mmmkay3186d ago

who cares? gamers want it released. i could not care less if some of the dates are wrong. it's not a documentary...

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SpaceSquirrel3187d ago

I can't wait to hear more about it.

arakouftaian3187d ago

but will it be? i just saw beta gameplay of spec ops and looks boring and ugly and im sure none of this Socom wanna be will be able to be half of what Socom 4 is going to be Socom 4 will be epic . . .

mjolliffe3187d ago

It's supposed to be a lot more realistic than both Spec Ops: The Line and SOCOM 4. The gameplay I've managed to see is pretty promising. It's fully destructible as well, which will please a lot of shooter fans!

arakouftaian3186d ago

And they all look cool but what im saying is that in the end they all fail i hope im wrong because i like games and having two good tactical tps will be nice and so far that beta video from SO looks boring we will see about Fahulla but that gane Breach looks very arcade and ugly.

Kingdom Come3186d ago

They are pro-PS3 and negative to anything non-exclusive. I mean, are you sh1tting me?! Spec-Ops: The Line is fantastic, I should know, I've played the Beta...

kevco333187d ago

The political hype will ensure this sells at least averagely.

Strikepackage Bravo3186d ago

I would love to see this game made so long as they don't make our soldiers out to be a bunch of unprofessional blood thirsty killers murdering innocent civilians by the truck load, just to appease the hate America first crowd.

Tell it like it really happened and its a day one purchase for me.

mrcash3186d ago

How did it really happen? A lot of nasty things go on during war, my cousing was in the marines during that time and he told me some very disturbing stories, i'm not sure how they deal with half of the things they have had to do.. There's no way that they could be portrayed as unprofessional they are excellent killers it is what they do, that is their sole purpose as marines.

skip2mylou3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

dude they asked for soldiers who were in fallujah to help with the game

this helps further because the USMC that was asked to help was sent to fallujah and then THEY asked atomic to make the game for them showing what fallujah was about then they started getting hammered by asshats saying that its just glorifying wars

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The story is too old to be commented.