The UCLA uses Hearts of Iron 2 in the classroom

E4G: Hearts of Iron 2 (which is not a subtitle for the next Iron Man movie) is Paradox Interactive's strategy title set in World War 2, and has been used by the University of California, Los Angeles, in its Political Science course.

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dkblackhawk503184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

Sounds quite interesting. Wonder if others will jump the board. It is nice that non-gamers are getting a kick out of this as well.

mmoracerules3184d ago

Yep, it is nice to have non-gamers be participants etc.

mmoracerules3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

AFter reading the full story and understing what it is, sounds iffy to me. I really don't see a point in this to be honest.

dkblackhawk503184d ago

*honets*...honest. Anyways, just people trying out new ideas.

mmoracerules3184d ago

WEll sue me for speling mistakes...

Pedobear Rocks3184d ago

I tried out but they cut me.

Maybe Bjornbear will have more luck.


Darkstorn3184d ago

You can always try UC Berkeley...

Golden Bears FTW!

bjornbear3184d ago

rejected, I'm not U.S. citizen so I can't represent.

try again pedo, try getting into the junior league

Pedobear Rocks3184d ago

citizen Bjorn...go to Mexico, jump the're gold!

mmmmm....junior league....

Perkel3184d ago

they should add europa universalis 3 to every history lesson.