Ripten Review: Energizer Charging Stand (Xbox 360)

Brandon Fenty of Ripten: The standard corded charger for the 360 presents several problems for me. First, it’s a cord, which looks messy when left to charge. I don’t mind the cord so much while I’m actually playing a game, but then it’s never long enough to reach where I want to sit while playing. Finally, it only charges one controller at a time, and if you have several friends playing at once, there is a definite possibility of more than one controller going dead at a time.

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bfenty3182d ago

I'm definitely a big fan of the design

3182d ago
tinybigman3182d ago

charges both my controllers, BT headset, and i've had it well over 2 plus years now. so i think the 360 well be just as durable.

KingNintendoFanboy3182d ago

I see you have the Wii Charging station as well. I don't know, I just don't want them if it isn't first party.

bfenty3182d ago

yeah but the first party Microsoft one requires you to take the battery OUT OF THE CONTROLLER. HUH???

uhaul3182d ago

I'd rather get the plug and play.

BasilMarceaux3182d ago

Are their rechargable battery packs required for this? and if so, does it come with them?

I am interested, changing batteries sucks!

andrewsqual3182d ago

That is the most overlooked thing about the whole article. The 360 one doesn't come with battery packs or rechargeable batteries so it is in fact NOTHING compared to the PS3 version of the same accessory.

BasilMarceaux3181d ago

Yeah, I guess he forgot to mention that youre going to be throwing down another $20? on the battery packs. Very lame.

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