Top 11 Emotional Moments in Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid games are famous for heavily convoluted plot, dramatic sequences and some of the most amazing boss fights. But there is one more area where the series has excelled too. There have been many instances throughout the 20 year old history of the franchise where the player’s heart has been touch or got so driven by the moment that we actually started feeling a part of the game.

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gameseveryday4499d ago

I have and always been the biggest fan of the series for over 12 years. I am still gaming due to a man called Solid Snake. Enough said.

Poseidon4499d ago

snake puts gun in mouth and i hear a boom! come to find out he didnt do it! i was proud

Acquiescence4499d ago (Edited 4499d ago )

Pick any game, he's contractually obligated to cry in all of them.

Darkstorn4499d ago


I'd put a spoiler warning in your post...

I always come back to Otacon talking to Sunny: "Snake...had a hard life."

halocursed4499d ago

I agree whole heartedly with the writer..

Myze4499d ago

Yeah, this is a really good list. Which is very rare, because these types of lists usually vary a LOT compared to my own opinion. Maybe I would take out/add one or two, and change the order of a few, but overall, very good list.

*some spoilers for MGS4*

I agree completely with #1 (mainly the salute) and 2. The main thing I would change is that instead of number 3 (which was great and would be on my list somewhere), I would put in the end of MGS4 before the Big Boss part, where Otacon is talking to Sunny: "Snake had a hard life..." Such a sad moment.

GCO Gamer4499d ago

I've been playing Metal Gear for almost all my life, these moments will also be apart of me.

Seniorscrapper4499d ago

Brilliant article overall, screens and videos....This is the ultimate 11 list. 11 is kinda odd but still pretty good!

saint_john_paul_ii4499d ago

MGS is just too epic for just 10. there were too many awesome moments in that franchise.

Valay4499d ago

There are many memorable moments in the series.

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The story is too old to be commented.