Red Dead Redemption 2 - Five features will sweep you off your feet

Red Dead Redemption 2 is as sure as death and taxes. Videogameszone is giving you five features that will make Red Dead Redemption 2 even more successful.

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Dellis3187d ago

Read Dead 2 is coming for the next gen consoles not this gen

nikkisixx23187d ago

I would like a good online. That is all.

Baltis3187d ago

We don't need another one. Not yet. Hell, I got bored of the one we got after the Grave Digger mission and realizing the online was the same thing over and over, everytime you booted up. It's 4 people on a map the size of my granddad's gentiles. And they're massive. It was so boring trudging around that map waiting to find someone. Just lame. If there were like 20 people even. But no, there's a whopping 4 and playing it is as baron as the landscape itself.

D4RkNIKON3187d ago

I am playing through now and it's your loss man. I am loving the campaign, I haven't even tried out the multiplayer yet. I hear mixed reviews about the MP but I will try it out for myself when I am done with the single player.

GuruStarr783187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Technically speaking, would'nt it be Red Dead 3?

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The story is too old to be commented.