EA's Create Skips Kinect, Uses Move Instead

NowGamer: EA's recently announced create-em-up Create will snub Kinect support and use Move instead. The same thing happened recently with R.U.S.E developer Eugen Systems, who spoke to NowGamer to explain why Move is 'more efficient' than Kinect.

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saint_john_paul_ii3181d ago

uh oh... cant wait for the spins....

blackbeld3181d ago

Spinners and Trollers incoming!

nix3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

uh oh...

sadly Create looks like a really really poor cousin of LBP. it looks really really sad!

and i think it is safe to say that Sony knew the limitations of Camera motion because they've been working on it since PS2 days, that's why Move came into existence. There's only so much you can do with cameras.

@Cold: people don't know about this game because it just got announced! and as i said - it sucks!

Cold 20003181d ago

uh oh...cant wait for the people who have never heard of this game and who obviously wont ever buy it to roll in...oops already there.

Conloles3181d ago Show
blackbeld3181d ago

Seems like developers prefer PS3 more then 360 lately. Valve, EA and Crytec. Hmmm what's next?

D4RkNIKON3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

This is just the first of many multiplatform games to support Move and not Kinect. Ruse is another example of this. Kinect is for casual simple games because it is so limiting with out buttons and Move can be used for much more than that. Move has accuracy along with buttons makes Move a lot more versatile for many more game types that Kinect isn't even an option for.

@Consoles... Let me teach you something, a MOUSE is an accurate way of tracking on a 2D plane, MOVE is an accurate way of tracking in 3D space. Now that you know the difference, maybe you will stop bringing this up ;)

Archdemon3181d ago

That's because developers are not stupid.


bjornbear3181d ago


well, another move game, another game less for Kinect

still a LBP emulation though

HolyOrangeCows3181d ago

RUSE, Tiger Woods, and now this.

The list of developers deciding against wasting time with Kinect is getting bigger.

RockmanII73181d ago

Crytek is making a 360 exclusive, EA is in bed with Sony like how Activision is with MS, and Valve is mad at MS because they forced them to charge for DLC and won't let them add steamworks to XBL after years of exclusive support.

sikbeta3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

@Cold 2000

Come on dude, this game seems to be better than those mii-too games for kinect, just saying, if we're going to dismiss games, we're going to do it well...


Hmmm... no way to spin this, it got nothing to do with the game, it can be crap or not, the thing is, kinect is failing to get support out of the casual-crap, kinect can have all the just dance/dance central and such stuff that plague the wii, but nothing else, it's time to demonstrate that motion-control gaming is not just casual gimmicky crap and show how great it can work with any kind of game....

fishd3181d ago

That's a sad news,I think I need to sit down...oh wait


maxcer3181d ago

holy shit look at them all!... oh wait...

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ElementX3181d ago

There is no way to spin this. Kinect isn't accurate as the videos show. I wanted to be intested in Kinect, but I've changed my mind. I still have my preorder for Move, though!

marinelife93181d ago

Move gives developers digital mathematical x,y,and z axis coordinates for both the location and orientation of the controller.

It makes it very simple for developers to input the data into their apps.

logikil3181d ago

I'm pretty sure that Kinect does something similar. It's all computer based it has to provide the coordinate data. Move does it by using the gyro sensors and judging the distance to the ball based on its size representative to the camera. Kinect is using the RGB and Depth camera to accomplish the same thing.

logikil3181d ago

Wow a disagree to saying that Kinect uses similar mathematical calculations to determine where a person is in 3D space. I suppose then that if it doesn't use traditional (or likely more complex) x,y,z axis coordinate math, then perhaps there is a little gnome that stands next to the Kinect and tells it where you are standing.

jneul3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

ps move is very accurate i played on it yesterday and it 100% does as it promises, you have to re-calibrate it upon bright lighting, but other than that it was brilliant and worked perfectly for the rest of the play time!!

DigitalAnalog3181d ago

Too bad. An army of Big Billy Goat Gruffs are stamping mightily over the bridge that I feel more concerned about the bridge rather than the trolls below it.

-End statement

logikil3181d ago

I have no urge to spin anything, but the short blurb about the article misrepresents the article proper. In the source article, there is no commentary from the developer at all. The portion that talks about efficiency is linked to a second article. When you get there, there is no comparison given about the efficiency of Kinect vs Move. That portion of the article didn't mention Kinect at all it just stated that Move is very efficient. Nothing more or less. This is video game "journalism" at it's best. Take a small quote and manipulate it to mean what you want. Sad.


Activision and Microsoft: Timed Exclusive Content

EA and Sony: Real Exclusive Content.

That is the difference.

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Emmettcelticfan3181d ago

we will be spinning like crash bandicoot

KINGKON513181d ago

We all know that PS MOVE is more more efficient than Kinect

ForzaGT3181d ago

great move(for gamers sake)

playstation_clan3181d ago

but its over, its over, kinect is over, its over. So get use to it

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