IMHW: Sony Betarooms 3D Gaming Impressions

IMHW writes "Its seven o’clock on a rainy Friday evening, myself and the charismatic Trix have just arrived an hour late after some horrific Birmingham traffic at the Sony Betarooms and are eager to play some new games. The event is being held in the deliciously named custard factory and as we walk into the venue we are blinded by neon lights, free food and free alcohol. But believe it or not we are not here solely for all the free things. We are here to play on new games in new ways, and play we did."

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Cloudberry3002d ago

Good 3D impressions.

Looking forward for the future previews of Killzone 3, MotorStorm: Apocalypse, & others.

edhe3001d ago

I wish that the journos were all hit with the bill for the 3d telly & glasses after they left. Then they could give a good impression of it's worth.