EA Announces Family Sandbox ‘Create’

EA has today announced what’s perhaps best described as a sort of family sandbox game. Named ‘Create’, it allows families to work together to explore a bunch of challenges where no solution is right or wrong.

“Create uses families’ imaginations to develop new ways to play together that are both fun and challenging,” said Harvey Elliott, VP and General Manager at EA Bright Light. “We wanted to design a game where [...] the only limit is the imagination.”

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dizzleK3181d ago

hey, that looks kinda like trials and joe dang....*clubbed on back of head by ea goons*

sinncross3181d ago

I hope that is screenshots for the Wii version else its one graphically poor title.

Not sure what EA want from this but I think LBP2 is going to pretty much total this game (quality wise anyways)

D4RkNIKON3181d ago

Don't forget in sales too. LBP2 will own the holiday season for me at least. It wont leave my PS3 until Killzone 3 releases.

nix3181d ago

EWwww... that was one ugly looking family game!

captain-obvious3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )


EA is on the roll with copying things
first COD MW2 multiplayer for MOH
and now LBP for this

THC CELL3181d ago

Not getting it Lbp will kill this game in a day

bjornbear3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

I'll bet LBP2 can emulate this game almost perfectly, and even more!

Redempteur3181d ago

ok this remind me a little of little big planet ... why is that ???

SpoonyRedMage3181d ago

Is this from the Boom Blox team?:S

SpoonyRedMage3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

EDIT: Glitch made be triple post.:(

SpoonyRedMage3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

EDIT: Weird glitch! GRRR

Redempteur3181d ago

i have this glitch has well but i don't double or triple post since i have a pop up blocker and a script blocker. and when i go bakc on the page , n4g just tell me i already have posted

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The story is too old to be commented.