What Is The Difference Between PS3 Models?

HubPages: One of the most complex tasks facing anyone looking to buy a PlayStation 3, whether it is new or used, is what model of the system they are purchasing. Even moreso than the Xbox 360, the model of your PS3 can change your entire gaming experience.

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dizzleK3185d ago

i loves my ps3s like i loves my wimmens-fat, hot and covered with my fingerprints.

-Mezzo-3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

is it just me or the PS3-Slim is oddly shaped in the Image above, I have the Slim PS3 now i had the original 60 GB model that i bought on the Launch Day but unfortunately i had to sell it.

yewles13185d ago

That pic's a little warped.

-Mezzo-3185d ago

agreed, i immediately went and gave my PS3 a hard look =].

8800gtx3185d ago

They all perform alike, but have lost features with newer revisions.

BC, Other OS.


Sitris3185d ago

would have a PC, obviously you do, so the few 100 people that used the feature now can't, sure that sucks, but it was done to stop hackers from ruining the network, much like all PC games are full of hacks and pirating. PS3 has no pirated games and no online hackers. And if they need to get rid of a feature to keep it safe, be my guest.

TruUnknowN3185d ago

Rock Band 5 Bundle? Surely that must be a mistake in the article.. Or this whole article is a big mistake. :\

TheMART3185d ago

Sadly the article doesn't give the difference between the 3 PS3 Slim models:

CECH-2000A (65nm, about 110watt usage)
CECH-2100A (40/45nm, about 80watt average power usage)
CECH-2500A (40/45nm, but a few watts less power usage from optimizing)

See the picture added for this info in a schedule.

ActionBastard3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

In all honesty, PS3 owners really don't have give a shit about nm size of chips, motherboards, etc like Xbox owners had to, to determine which system was going to work. The power savings and chip sizes are great, but I won't be looking at model numbers when purchasing my next PS3 like I had to for my 360.

krisq3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

My phatty died and I'm on the market for the newest revision available. Kudos TheMART!

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