First screenshots of FPS Parabellum

There was little known about this game, but it will use the Unreal 3.0 Engine. The German company Acony confirmed that. Today the first info and screenshots are out.

It will have a single player and multiplayer part, and will for the most be focussed on the MP. Setting is a gigantic, futuristic New York. A terroristic organisation has to be stopped by you.

On the Game Convention it will probably be highlighted. Go see the first three screenshots for this game for PC and 360!

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ChaosKnight5396d ago

Well character models look like Battlefield 2, which are decent but could be better... environments look nice and guns look better than some games... but so far it just looks bland, need to hear more about it


this looks weird...

half cartoon half realistic...?

Captain Tuttle5396d ago

I agree...a little too cartoony, especially the last one. The gun model does look good though

TheMART5396d ago

It's an really early build, but still if it already looks like this I can expect it will be great in a little time from now