Post-Release StarCraft 2 Interview - AusGamers

AusGamers caught up with StarCraft 2 Producer, Kaeo Milker, after the launch of SC2 in Australia, and have posted a video interview and transcript.

From the interview:

"AG: With the multiplayer beta did any of the tweaks jump over to the single-player campaign at all?

Kaeo: We actually separated the data for the single-player and multiplayer so that any tweaks that we made on the multiplayer game wouldn't affect all of the balance that we have in the campaign. There's a lot of really specific tuning for various difficulty levels against the AI in the campaign and we wanted to make sure to keep that in tact, so they really were separated and kind of two separate parts of the game we were working on..."

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cngame3188d ago

"You can play with some friends in South East Asia then jump over to North America - kind of have the freedom to do that. It's actually a pretty neat thing right now that only down here [Australia\New Zealand] are able to do that."


billythepunk3188d ago

doesn't actually come into effect in AU for at least another month and a half though