3D Or Not 3D? That Is The Question...

X360A writes:

"If you were to believe the industry execs on the whole 3D gaming issue and judge your opinion based entirely on their comments, you’d be right to insinuate that 3D gaming is to take/or is taking the world by storm. Ubisoft have said they expect every home to have a 3D TV by the end of 2013; Sony last year said that they fully expect that every home will have a 3D TV by the end of 2010; and market researcher, Insight Media and their recent survey, predicts that there will be an audience of over 40 million 3D TV gamers by the end of 2014. That’s the pretty picture that the execs paint, but I can tell you from down here on planet earth, that things look a hell of a lot different. It seems that the only ones who don’t really see the fascination with this 3D gaming craze are the ones who buy the games: the gamers themselves."

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Darkstorn3824d ago

3D...if you can afford it.

wsoutlaw873824d ago

every time there is a change in tech a group of people just go around saying gimmick and refusing to agree with anyone who might like it. When did hating become the cool thing to do. your supposed to try things a few times then make a decision not just get insulted by people wanting to implement any new tech, like motion controles or 3d and go on websites complaining. Yes some people wont love it, but it will improve, and it will take over. They wouldn't put the money in if it wasn't going to be something good.

andyo133824d ago

actually 3D has been a tried and failed gimmick before. even in gaming, (virtual boy). 3D is a huge cost to the consumer meaning a small proportion of the population will pick up the technology. It's also a huge cost to the people producing 3D content. Turning content into 3D isn't as simple as adding another camera at a slightly different angle to represent the right eye. When you create 3D do you use depth of field? depth of field is used to make an image look 3D but when thats used in actual 3D it's an eye sore. So if we ignore the depth of field then we suddenly have this huge distracting background without any focus on what we should be looking at.

In my country you can buy 3D tvs but you can't watch anything in 3D because THERE ISN"T ANY 3D CONTENT! why? because the TV industry still see 3D as a gimmick. 3D is like adding a footwarmer with every TV. it ads nothing to the experience but its quite cool to have. Its about the same price too...

wsoutlaw873821d ago

yes it has been tryed before, but never has every future tv been sold capable of 3d. there's not gonna be a reason a manufacturer to not add it to their tvs. with more tvs having it = more content.

LevDog3824d ago

If you have the TV.. Go ahead.. If you have the money.. Why not? If you dont.. dont worry about it.. Everything will get cheaper.. and it will be mainstream in a year or 2.. Or from what Ive been reading.. Glassesless 3D Tvs.. which means at some point every tv will have it.. Then it wont matter

JonnyBadfinger3824d ago

Hate 3D it give me a head-ache. And after watching Avatar for 3 f***en hours is was ready to go homicidal on everyone in the cinema, and that was purely because the movie was sh*t.