How Far Can You Stretch A "Console Exclusive"?

PlayStrum writes: "This generation, being the most mainstream generation in our history to date, has been victim to some real growing pains. Subjects have been brought up that have always shown to be present in previous generations, but somehow, it manages to turn to it's ugly side because of the over-abundance of blogs, websites, podcasts and YouTube videos spread out and publicized on the giant stage we call the internet. Of the many arguments between different communities that get blown out of proportion, the fight about what exclusive really means got major attention."

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Otheros003710d ago

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TheTeam063710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

True that. Why do the 360s or PS3s get to call a game on multiple platforms exclusives? What makes Mass Effect a console exclusive and not a PC exclusive?

Truth is, it's neither. It's a multiplatform title no matter which way you look at it. Why? Because it's on multiple platforms.... same goes for any console/pc combo game IMO.

FamilyGuy3709d ago

from article:

"The PlayStation crowd - although a bit different - still feel the need to grow exceptions to the rule. They don't see games released on PS3 and PC as exclusives, but they do see PS3 and PSP games as exclusives in some instances. For example, LittleBigPlanet and ModNation Racers are apparently PlayStation 3 exclusives despite releasing on the PlayStation Portable system. Sure, the PSP version is slightly different, but is that enough to call it a different game for a different platform?"

Are you kidding me? If they game isn't the same game as it's counter-part it ISN'T the same game, ie it IS an exclusive. What psp game is the same as a PS3 game of the same title?

vsr3709d ago

they should notify to consumers. otherwise unaware consumers will waste their money

BuIIetproofish_3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

Left 4 Dead, Mass Effect and DC Universe are not exclusives.

Darkstorn3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

Neither is Halo (the first and second games, at least).

EDIT: Nor is Gears of War, come to think of it.

RememberThe3573710d ago

I think is pisses fanboys off because they can't use it in the war. But I don't like timed console exclusives. That is just annoying.

AssassinHD3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

I mind the term because it contradicts the very meaning of "exclusive".

I mean think about it for just two seconds.

"CNN exclusive" means "exclusive to CNN"

"Burger King exclusive" means "exclusive to Burger King"

"PC exclusive" means "exclusive to PC"

"Console exclusive", taken literally, means "exclusive to console".


See how the term "console exclusive" just does not make sense? It especially does not make sense when you consider that "console exclusives" are available on non-console hardware.

The term is an insult to the English language.

Red Dead Redemption is a title that most closely fits the literal definition of "console exclusive", being a title that is only available on console hardware. There is no need to use the term even in that case though because "multiplatform" is a term that is more appropriate.

Yostoner3710d ago

Here's the thing, lots of people like to think that since pc is microsoft, that any game that's for pc and 360 are exclusives, when in reality it doesn't work that way. i own all 3 consoles, but i usually buy my multi platform games on ps3 (better hardware)

jaosobno3710d ago

Unlike microsoft that has 100% identical game on 360 and PC and then calls it exclusive, sony doesn't port little big planet and modnation racers on PSP and then calls it exclusive. Those are separately developed games since PSP is nowhere near as powerful as PS3. So putting sony in this story makes no sense. After all, they didn't call The Agency a PS3 exclusive since is a PC game too.

Calling multiplatform games exclusives is microsoft's invention used to compensate for low quality of real 360 exclusives. This trend is also known as false advertising.

52pickup3710d ago

Even the DC Universe Online boxart doesn't carry the "Only on Playstation" logo,whereas in the past several 360 exclusives which have either been available on PC or eventually found there way onto PS3 do carry the "Only on XBOX 360" logo.

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