8 Video Games that Changed Gaming (Without You Realizing It)

AC: Gaming itself lives, learns, breeds, turns ill, and even dies just like a living creature. Whether the economy is good or bad, it often thrives. When the winds of change blow over it, it shifts to remain relevant.

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PaPa-Slam3184d ago

Great List, but Fable 2.....Seriously.

ingiomar3184d ago

your just not realizing it :)

Darkstorn3184d ago

Fable 1 for sure. Never played the sequel, but somehow I have doubts...

Inside_out3184d ago

Interesting choice of games but none I would agree with. Nintendo and it's current console are not at the front of anything anymore. Yes, they are the highest selling console, built on a gimmick and casual gamers that don't care about gameplay or graphics. Sadly, there success is affecting gaming in a negative way, pushing garbage visuals and gameplay mainstream.

Luckily, M$ and Sony continue the good fight with top end graphics, gameplay and on line gaming. With their own introduction of motion controls, maybe the casuals will see what they have been missing. The Nintendo Wii is for children. Nothing wrong with that but I think you will see a shift to a more mature audience in the next Nintendo console.

On topic...Resident Evil 4 has had the biggest impact on gaming in the last 10 years. I wouldn't go farther back than that. Doing so would be the equivalent of thanking Alexander Graham Bell for the cell

Halo CE and Halo 2 had a massive impact on the FPS genre both in gameplay and the introduction of on line gaming on consoles. MOH and COD were also huge in the FPS console gaming world. Many PC games have had a massive effect on how games are made. Valve and the Half Life franchise are considered some of the best FPS action around. Oblivion started it's own wave this gen. World Of Warcraft ( MMO ) is a world wide phenomena and it's influence is felt everywhere. Same with the recently released Starcraft and other RTS's that continue to sell well, on PC anyways.

This gen of console gaming has had some big games. Bioshock is a genre on to itself. Gears introduced next gen graphics and some of the best TPS gaming out there. Halo and MW are huge. Mass Effect continues to change and evolve into it's own genre as well taking RPG and TPS elements and streamline the whole thing. Platforming is making a comeback and in this world Mario is king and will always be an influence. Prince Of Persia and his bastardize son Assassins creed have sold well and spawned imitators.

As for a top ten, that would be impossible. There are far to many games. Mention one and you think of ten others that have also had an

CowEater3183d ago

I think Fable 1 and 2 were trash. I think the devs can do much better. Fable was a complete let down considering all the other RPG's out there that did it RIGHT.

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-Mezzo-3184d ago

Great List, though Infested by Nintendo Titles.

Active Reload3184d ago

I find that younger gamers tend to discredit Nintendo.

ProgidalSon3184d ago

People give a lot of hate to Nintendo, but for those of us here who grew up playing games - you cannot mention gaming without Nintendo. Nintendo practically pioneered the industry and without them Sony and Microsoft wouldn't be what they are today.

30sec3184d ago

Fable 2 was shit. Not only ugly and buggy, it was too easy. Didn't die once.

tinybigman3184d ago

what a waste of $60. i'm not even going to bother with part 3 because peter m talks to much shit about how his games are the greatest when they sure as hell are not. then when he's about to release his new game he shits all over the old ones. what a utter douchebag.

clank5433184d ago

I'm pretty sure I already knew Pikmin changed gaming. I LOVED that game.

clank5433184d ago

I find it hilarious that someone disagrees that I liked a game. But I guess I was wrong. I must have hated that game instead of spending almost 150 hours on it.

starvinbull3184d ago

150 hours is a bit excessive. It takes about 15 hours max to complete with a perfect ending.

Have to say though I got to the last day and after repeated attempts to get the last 4 ship pieces I just couldn't do it in one day. I then replayed the entire game from the beginning just to get 1 more ship piece than I had previously been able to. That's how good the game is.

Haven't played the second but I'll be getting it before Pikmin 3 is out. Better than Zelda and Mario in my opinion, those franchises need reviving to get my attention again.

SOAD3184d ago

And I would like to add Cod: Black Ops to the list. There is a gameplay mechanic Treyarch wants to implement where NPCs or enemies who are stand in the way of the player's reticule will immediately roll out of the way. And, if the player is talking to a friendly AI, the player's weapon will automatically point to the ground. Because in real life, you don't point your gun straight at your friend when you're talking to them.

Because Black Ops will be a popular game, I hope that other developers will standardize the feature in their games. And from that point on, we shall see it in most other shooters.

RememberThe3573184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

But the guy getting out of your way when your shooting will be a nice touch.

DelbertGrady3184d ago

"where NPCs or enemies who are stand in the way of the player's reticule will immediately roll out of the way"

And then immediately after you kill them they will constantly respawn and move into the same position as before until you decide to move forward.

"Do NOT fire at the church! I repeat, do NOT..." kthxbye.

Roozium3184d ago

Halo has already done that. The NPC's even know when to activate equipment and they will roll if you aim at them, throw grenade, trying to splat them with ghost etc.

CowEater3183d ago

This mechanic you speak of has already been done. Nothing worth being on this list. CoD should never be on this list. Oh yeah did I say this has already been done?

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