Microsoft/Nintendo sued over games controller

A case started in a Texas district court a few days back alleging that Nintendo and Microsoft had breached a game controller patent. Or two. Or more.

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amrasmord5397d ago

hope they have to pay. it'll teach them a lesson.

thetruth5397d ago

In most of the cases in which MS is sued, they always come out on top. That will be the same in this case as well as the ongoing case with EU.

johnrichardandrew5397d ago

I've never really been fond of the EU but that case is ridiculous, they're just attacking MS and hoping people will support it.
My Linux distro comes with 5 media players in the default install and has numerous available on the repos but RealPlayer is hard to get in comparison.
Apple bundle Quicktime and Itunes (and have vendor lockin with Itunes)- but does the EU care? No.

Bias idiots.

4me25397d ago

At least I think is over.
Now is a question if WINDOWS API documentation that MS provides to developers is the same they use in development of their own applications, for example MS Office. Some believe that OS has build in more efficient API, that is Undocumented and which gives MS unfair advantage over competition. That would make MS apps running faster and more responsive . The same question was raised by us devs few years ago.

Besides MS was sued already over soft bundle in US. That's why XP gives you some choices or at least makes easier to change default settings.
Windows has 90% market share. I guess when Apple or Linux will get there then EU this going to happened.

ghostface5397d ago

they didn't come out on top with immerson.

slugg5396d ago

Microsoft settled with Immersion for far less than they were asking in the lawsuit, and bought a sizeable piece of Immersion stock, to boot. So when Sony finally loses their appeal in THEIR case with Immersion, they will basically have to pay money to.... Microsoft. Genius!

CAPS LOCK5397d ago

if sony can invent a complicated thing like the cell and blu ray and if ms can invent windows y cant they all just invent simple vibrations in their conrollers?

i dont think its that hard anyway, look at moblie phones they vibrate and people like nokia and sony erricson invent them so y cant they.

by the way thanks shadow strom for this great article its about time that nintendo got sued

4me25397d ago (Edited 5397d ago )

MS did not 'invented' Windows.
Even though Apple was first to introduce Graphical User Interface to consumer market, Gates and Jobs got first experience with GUI when they have been invited to Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center. Way back when Microsoft worked for Apple.

Shadowstorm5397d ago

It's Shadowstorm. Not Shadow strom.

But your welcome, I guess.

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The story is too old to be commented.