New Crysis Footage on Fileplanet

A new teaser from the anticipated game Crysis with 0:59s of footage.

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TheMART5400d ago

XBOX 360? Is this announced already then?

Asuka5400d ago

no, this game has only been announced for PC. It hasn't been announced for any console yet.

Cyclonus5400d ago

Wishful thinking. For now.

360 has more than enough shooters coming out, anyway.
Crysis/360 can WAIT.

Marriot VP5399d ago

hey cyclone you were mel gibson all along I knew it.

Seafort5400d ago

ATM Crysis is pc only for the foreseeable future according the developers, crytek.

I don't expect the pc version of crysis to be ported to any consoles at all.
It will be like farcry on consoles. Totally changed from pc version. Which i think the pc version is the best version as ive played console versions too.

There has been rumours that crytek are hiring developers for ps3 project but nothing confirmed.

Nothing at all about a x360 game from crytek so keep dreaming hehe.

TheMART5399d ago

I can't imagine why Crysis couldn't be on 360. I mean DX-10 is running on 360 and not on PS3.
Furthermore with XNA and other techniques I don't see why it couldn't be done.

Farcry on consoles is totally other story. On last gen it was there at the end of the life cycle of the consoles, when the hardware was too old. Farcry for 360 was not done very properly but still allright.


360 has an extended ATI 1900 kind of GPU, but then personalized by MS's wishes, with for example 10 MB extra fast embedded Ram. One would be glad if this was in ones PC.

Furthermore, the triple core 3.2 Ghz CPU is also not the average processor in a PC. Last but not least: the console is made for doing games, the PC looses power on overall tasks, OS and more.

So I guess you will see Crysis on consoles one day. With DX-10 and all the other facts above in mind I bet even better/sooner on 360 then on PS3. Just because the environment of the PC is more alike the 360

achira5399d ago

lol, the xenon is likely a extended x700. and it does not support dx 10 you moron.

TheXgamerLive5398d ago

A sound card isn't going to make or break whether a console can handle a game or not. Direct port is quite possible and in this case might just be acceptable.
As usual, I'd still love to see a made for console release as the PC and the XBOX 360's up n coming, "live anywhere" compatablility would make it a fantastic game to do it with.
Remember the XBOX 360 and PC "windows vista" have a shared compatibility for future game requirments and ps3 doesnt.