List of Cancelled PS3 Games

It is no secret that the PS3 is a difficult development platform. The HD era of games requires a large investment in time and money. A bad game will incur huge losses, so some cancellations are necessary. What games have been cancelled and why are developers avoiding the PS3?

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achira5391d ago

this list is a joke.
killing day is not cancelled, this is not official, only rumours.
thesis was never in development for ps3, so it could not be cancelled.

elveon will come to the ps3.

endless saga was cancelled on the pc too, so this has nothing to do with the ps3.

Smackdown 07, who needs it ? i think noone, the graphic is sh!t, you can play the ps2 version on the ps3, its the same. THQ has no idea of using the power of a console.

oblivion ? oblivion will surely come to the ps3, i bet in November 2007.

Schmitty075391d ago

Everyone listen to achira, he knows everything!

Marriot VP5391d ago

can you get anymore biased, you deny the games not being cancelled by saying they suck and we don't need them...ROFL

TheMART5391d ago

Achira you and your blurry crystal ball again!

What's on the bottom?
Right a PC logo, a 360 logo

NO PSZero anywere there! Elveon WON'T come to the PS

Ubisoft employee on the Ubisoft forums has crushed those hopes by stating "we are not going to release DA for PS3."

Besides Endless Saga and Killing Day, the PS3 has lost 6 previously cross-platform titles. Why are developers abandoning the PS3 when the PS1 and PS2 were the two most successful game consoles in history?

I'm sorry man, but that's just the way it is.
PSZero is a PC as Barbie Ken says. It's not about games. So it'll get less and less games

Marty83705391d ago

Hey idiot'TheMart'why do you spread the BS.

TheMART5391d ago

Go check it yourself then on the elvion site. You'll be surprised.

I give you fact's and you just scream. Fanboy.

Splinter Cell DA Ubisoft employee said it is cancelled for the PSZero that's not me. The rest is also just quoted.

I guess you need this:

Watch me go say lipsync in Gears of War @ 17 November:


mikeeno75391d ago

The Mart gives facts and you all bash him? Who are the idiots in here then?

CAPS LOCK5391d ago

u serioulsy have problems do u even play ur x-box and how many times huh?

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The story is too old to be commented.