The Top Ten Games of This Generation So Far

GGTL: "I shall begin my first ever piece for Gamer's Guide to Life with an apology. Sorry for my reserved judgements in favour of the games as featured below: I apologise now if I have left out any games from the past few years that perhaps deserve to be in such a thorough list. Regardless, these are my most favoured games of the generation which, we are told, we are only midway through."

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Chaostar3188d ago

Mirrors edge? seriously? Out of the whole gen? Well everyone is titled to their opinion I guess :)

Rot_in_Fail3188d ago

Another top 10, I know everybody is tired of those but to write such things you really need to be deserate.

will113188d ago

1. Halo 3
2. Halo ODST
3. Halo Reach

Independent_Charles3188d ago

@ will

i own all those games and i just logged another 4 hours into halo today, but are you just asking for your bubbles to be popped? lol

mikeslemonade3188d ago

I like Mirrors Edge in the top 10. The walls in that game are so realistic that I'd lick them. Also that red bungie rope is so realistic.

Commander_TK3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

MGS4 (the best game of all time)
Uncharted 1 & 2
Red Dead Redemption
Mass Effect 1 & 2
Heavy Rain
Bad Company 2
Killzone 2

There´s a lot of 7th gen games that I´ve not played yet.

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Acquiescence3188d ago

Mirror's Edge is an acquired taste sure. It's a marmite game, you either love it or hate it. And those of us who loved it really loved it.

Chaostar3188d ago

I hate that saying because it implies that I can't like the game without loving it or disklike the game without hating it. I liked Mirrors Edge but in my view there are just a lot of better games this gen.

My top 10 would look something like this bearing in mind this gen is far from over:

(in no order and im not including PC because the gens work kinda differently)

God of War 3, Mass Effect, Uncharted 2, Demons Souls, Gears Of War, MGS4, Mario Galaxy, Batman:AA, Heavy Rain... Damn I need more :P

It pretty much goes along with popular opinion and isn't very exciting but it's honest :)

TheLastGuardian3188d ago

1. Red Dead Redemption
2. Bioshock
3. Uncharted 2
4. God Of War 3
5. Metal Gear Solid 4
7. Rock Band 2
8. Bioshock 2
9. LittleBigPlanet
10. Killzone 2

It's really hard to put them in an order but this is about as close as I can get to a top 10 and I own about 25 ps3 games and have rented about 5.

Honorable Mentions:
Resistance: FOM
Resistance 2
God Of War Collection
GTA: Episodes from Liberty City
The Beatles Rock Band
Resident Evil 5
Modnation Racers
Heavy Rain
Red Faction: Guerilla

Imperator3188d ago

Honestly, if you don't have a PS3 you're missing out on the best games of this generation (a lot more than if you didn't have a 360). ANy realy gamer should have a PS3 by now.

Snakefist303187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

The Guy Who Wrote the article should write "My favorite games of this generation so far", case in point "Though received quite poorly, Mirror's Edge is one of my more favoured titles for one reason". How could Red Dead Redemption not make this list?

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Poseidon3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

demons souls, god of war, uncharted, mass effect, zelda, qrand theft auto, gran turismo, littlebigplanet, gears of war, fallout.

NecrumSlavery3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Red Dead Redemption
God of War 3
Killzone 2
Gears of War
Fallout 3
Mass Effect
Demon's Souls
Heavenly Sword
Batman Arkham Asylum
3D Dot Game Heroes

Ok I went 15...sue me...

PixelJunk Shooter

Ok I went and did a top 5 DLC....sue me again.

tinybigman3188d ago

i only game on out of the disk based games that you listed i didnt like was fallout 3 other than that great list

Poseidon3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

forgot twisted metal and metal gear solid 4. (must be sleepy i guess lol)

NecrumSlavery3188d ago

Well I wouldn't recommend games that haven't come out yet.

comp_ali3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

when was the last twisted metal released ? must be sleepy lol

comp_ali3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

sry double post , stupid internet

TheLastGuardian3188d ago

Twisted Metal: Head on for psp was this generation, but I think he was talking about Twisted Metal for ps3 which, by the end of this generation will be in the top 10.

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mastiffchild3188d ago

Whoa! I've found the other person, along with myself, that didn't rate FO3! And there I was thinking EVERYONE else thought shonky aiming and arbitrary percentage systems that bear no relation to the actual numbers, recycled scenery and acting assets and a loss of atmosphere over the original games was the way forwards! Oh, and seeing as this was Bethesda we should add a billion bugs and paying for the chance to do their QA testing post launch for them!

No, as a fan of the first two games I was really excited for FO3 and all the praise has left me totally puzzled and, for me, Oblivion is twice the game FO3 will ever be. Maybe I just expected too much.

As for the rest of the article's listings-any best game this gen list without a mention for MGS4 puzzles me even more than the mass love in for FO3!! It's the best game I've played in a long while and I'd possibly also have had ME1 in for ME2(just slightly better imo as it was more RPG and a little less shooter first time out and, if anything, the mining bored me second time around)though both are great, I'd have mentioned Batman AA and though I always buy Halo FPS games(played Halo Wars RTS at a mates and wasn't happy with it and left feeling RTS as a genre needs to do something more to really work on consoles without a keyboard)I doubt I'd put Halo3, in quality and freshness terms in my top ten this gen.

Demon's Souls, either Gears game(probably the first was better imho, because of the MP problems and weak arsed ending for number two)and Valkyria Chronicles would all have a shout for me and i'd HAVE to find a place for Warhawk as it's the game i've probably put most hours into this generation. Though it's last generation game I probably enjoyed the Wii Okami port as much as anything other than MGS4 as well(RE4 Wii Edition was great as well, in fairness-shame Capcom never made another for Wii owners ansd stuck us with the two rail shooters and REmakes without motion controls instead,pleasing exactly no one!)- and GOW3 deserves a mention doesn't it?

Also enjoyed Crysis myself even if the pretty wears off as novelty and the enemy AI is patchy as hell AND the story goes bananas but as a technical achievement and game with great shooting mechanics it's still amazingly underrated as a game. Crysis Warhead wasn't as good for me and the next one on console doesn't look all that interesting, though pretty, to me just yet but the original sure deserves a mention for me in a list of games of this generation even though it's hard to say with the PC what IS this gen because, more than any other PC game it was responsible for people upgrading to more current specs-it had massive influence in that respect, no? whether you feel that makes it more important than good is another issue entirely, mind.

Would have put Bioshock in there given the chance as well as it was almost single handedly, til MGS4 anyway, responsible for making story an acceptable aim for games again! Was really gutted they felt the need to tack on the(outside of RE5 Vs content-what's the point of that rubbish ffs?)online MP-there was no need and if ANY series could use the extra cash wisely on the SP and story it was this one, oh well! Hard to just pick ten, in fairness, and who knows what was bubbling under for this fella?

Wizziokid3188d ago

My list (no order):
Mass Effect
Gears of War
Little big Planet
Demon souls
Mario Galaxy
God of War
Red Dead Redemption

Independent_Charles3188d ago

your nan is better than your mum...
... a prime example on why old can be good.

lol im just messin'.

fable is good and we only have 2 of them and i want more of it.

darkcharizard3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Super Mario Galaxy
Okami Wii
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Red Dead Redemption
Metroid Prime Trilogy
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition
Super Street Fighter IV
Metal Gear Solid 4 and
Super Mario Galaxy 2????

LoaMcLoa3188d ago

1. Super Mario Galaxy
2. Bioshock
3. Metroid Prime
4. Resident Evil 4
5. Half-Life 2
6. Super Smash Bros Brawl
7. Gears of War 2
8. No More Heroes
9. Zelda: Twilight Princess
10. Metal Gear Solid 4

ThePlaystationFour3188d ago

Plsystation 3
-Metal Gear Solid 4
-Uncharted Series
-Little Big Planet
-God Of War III

Nintendo Wii
-Super Mario Galaxy Series
-Metroid Prime Series
-Zelda Series
-Mario Party

XBOX 360
-Madden Series
-NHL Series
-Fifa World Cup
-Grand Theft Auto IV

Future Titles
-Gran Turismo 5
-Killzone 3
-Twisted Metal
-DC Universe Online
-Resistance 3

DasTier3188d ago

Can we assume you don't have love for a 360?

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