Halo: Reach is done

"A few days ago we released Halo: Reach to Xbox Certification. Assuming things go well in certification, that means the only things standing between you all and Reach are the manufacturing process and shipping the discs to stores."

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Wizziokid3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

And I can't wait until it's in my xbox!

wwm0nkey3182d ago

Wizzio!? Whats up havent talked to you in forever lol

Wizziokid3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

hey monkey, nothing much, I know dude!! where you at these days?

@monkey we will have to hit halo reach up, make a map etc :D

wwm0nkey3182d ago

Work and Xbox Live lol.

On-topic: Only 1 month left till Reach :D

Hacker3182d ago

September 14th 2010.....R.I.P *** lol.

TrevorPhillips3182d ago

It's more like September 14th 2010 Halo Reach :D

HarryMonogenis3182d ago

.. it won't be coming out of my disc tray for quite some time. XD

N4PS3G3182d ago

Can't wait to see the huge prehistoric monster in the middle of the 3rd level

- Long Live Tom Morello

Fanb0y3182d ago

God bless him. Everything he 'revealed' turned out to be true. Even that map - which turns out to be one of the firefight maps!

And also... put a spoiler tag on your comment. Some people want to go dark on the campaign.

etownone3182d ago

Yeah seriously ....

you just ruined what probably would have been a real epic moment for me and others.
You fuckin piece of turd!!!!!!

Alos883182d ago

Excellent, I'm glad this is going to be released on schedule.

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The story is too old to be commented.