More Gears of War details

MS isn't going to release GoW without a big bang. 'Microsoft is planning a big event around that day', Rein said. Europe gets GoW a few days later, GoW gets shipped on November 17th in Europe, this is confirmed by Mark Rein also killed all hope for a pre-release demo, when he asked about it he said "probably not before the game ships".

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TheMART5397d ago

And I'm preordering the Collectors Edition right NOW

Who's next?

achira5397d ago

who needs this game on 17. November ? lol

TheMART5397d ago

Actually everyone, including you. Oh yeah you should get a 360 with it, because the PSZero will not be deliverable. Sony never delivers on time. And when they deliver, you know that they have overpromised and underdelivered...


So shall we put an order for you already for Gears of War? It'll save you a big dissapointment with Genji 2 and that giant crab!

T-Rac5397d ago

hellll yes, cant wait for GoW it is gona be frickin insane...

BadTaste5397d ago

since this is to do with Gears of War, i reckon alot of xbox 360 gamers will be looking here, if you want my GamerTag? ~NinjaGBlack24. I will hopefully see you lot on LIVE ;);)

neeharb5396d ago

I love this game man ...going nuts waiting for it!!!.....Its gonna spoil the so called PS3 party ...Hey i hope they release the PS3 in november .....
No matter what people say this game kicks serious a$$

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