Halo: Reach - 4 Reasons why Bungie's shooter wipes the floor with Killzone 3

Halo: Reach versus Killzone 3 - Videogameszone have analyzed the potential for success of both titles and have come to a decision: Halo: Reach could be commercially and better quality product.

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Karooo3826d ago

more annoying the fanboys, i hate people taking advantage of this site for hits.

DelbertGrady3826d ago

Let me guess, it's from ü

Rot_in_Fail3826d ago

Why does 4 reasons get so hot, I though you need at least 7 to get this hot.

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MerkinMax3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

I'm one of the people who is going to enjoy BOTH Halo Reach and Killzone 3. I love both series, they are very different from each other and that is why I like them.

DaTruth3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

"Lol. and Xbox fanboys so desperate that they have to link a FOREIGN website for an opinion???? LOLOL."

foreign to who??? I'm not from there, but I'm sure some users are! Opinions aren't worth anything unless they're American opinions?

FragMnTagM3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

Why hate one or the other? They are both going to be great games and I will be getting both. Only an idiot would think that Killzone was going to outsell Halo Reach though. Does it matter? Hell no, Killzone 3 is looking like a badass game. I just hope they fix one thing. The linearity of the levels. That is all I want out of Killzone 3. From the looks of it, they are delivering that. So both games for me, screw the fanboy bullshit.

Anon19743826d ago

I stopped reading when it said Halo would be a better game because the Halo series is more popular. I don't know how the final versions of each game will turn out, but I do know that this article is full of fail.

hobo513826d ago

im with sltPoison, reach is gonna be badass and killzone 3 gonna be fricken amazing, and they both seem like they improved everything that was wrong with the previous instalments so i really cant wait

Threesix3825d ago

PS3 fans link to the same website for a lot of articles too. You're not exempt.

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DERKADER3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

4 reasons why a game that's not out yet is better then another game that isn't out yet.

I feel like I'm on Crazy Pills!

moparful993825d ago

I'm so tired of these retarded articles and all of the arguing that esnues... I have no energy or will power to join in these meaningless debates...

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NeutralGamer3826d ago

These german sites just makes money on fanboys!

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morventhus3826d ago

im sorry but... weve barely heard any info on kz3 compared to h:r...... how can we possibly compare them....

Domer253825d ago

I would never underestimate KZ3. Yeah reach will crush the sales charts, but in the end the games will do the talking.

SonyPS3603826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

@ bringitson

Because all people who like Halo MUST be from an English speaking nation, right?


More content, better gameplay, better multiplayer, graphics are looking just as nice as anything seen in Killzone 2 and 3 so far (which being a Ps3 fanboy, you'll violently deny of course).

Take a look in the mirror before throwing the word "fanboy" around. I knew you Ps3 nut huggers would be all over the comments section here.

Halo redefined an entire genre and its multiplayer.

Killzone? Not so much. Out of the franchise, only one game was actually worth playing, and who even still plays it?

Of course Halo Reach wins. We don't need this article to prove it to us.

plstcsldgr3826d ago

halo hasn't changed since the first besides the graphics and your saying we are nut huggers? halo has become so generic and replayed it isn't even worth playing any more.

Lyr1c3825d ago

I think someone has some issues. This is another case of the classic "pot calling the kettle black".

For one, assumptions are never an intelligent way to begin an argument. Secondly, you're chastising him for using the word "fanboy" when the VERY NEXT SENTENCE you use the term "PS3 nut huggers".

Come on.

Paying $180 for a game is ridiculous (that is Halo 3, Halo 3.2, and the NEW AND IMPROVED Halo 3.5 - all in which have added next to nothing to the franchise). You have fun wasting your money. I'm actually going to see how real game developers improve on their EVOLVING franchise.

4me23825d ago

Redefine?? You meant define on the console since there was PC gaming long time before that.

I would say that Halo (original one) proof that quality FPS can be done on console using game pad. In my opinion the controller scheme gave Halo as much fame as the game itself and establish FPS on console.

Halo 1
I have never played Halo (original one).

Halo 2
Played campaign Halo 2 but never played online MP(did not have Live on original Xbox). At that time Halo 2 campaign was for me the best FPS.

Halo 3
Played campaign and online for the first time. Single player seems to be more of the same but fun like always (and that all you need). Online felt kind of dated. For halo1 and halo2 it was OK, but since then there is lots competition and many dynamic shooters while it seemed that Halo3 as game itself was left in the HALO1 and 2 era.

I also find very annoying where people jump up and down to avoid being shot and this goes for any game. Though it is funny when someone trying to do this in games like Call of Duty or Killzone. It just doesn't work.

I would also like to ask you question?
If you are diehard HALO fan, have you been playing HALO since
a). Halo 1
b). Halo 2
c). halo 3

Myself,on xbox I prefer Gears of War over Halo

bodybombs3825d ago

@plstcsldgr &lyr1c

have you guys even played halo?

if you've played through the first, second and third, and then the reach beta then you would realize the MAJOR difference between all of them. yes the core gameplay is there between all of the games, but you're kidding yourself if you think for even a second that those games havent improved on one another.

try this, play halo 1 for a few hours, then play halo 3 for a few, then play reachfor a few when it comes out. you'll see the differences that you seem to think dont exist.

im not gonna lie, i love halo, but i also own a ps3 and play games like MAG and Killzone 2. i admit, killzone two looks amazing, but i would have a hard time finding any gameplay dynamics that were more enjoyable in it than in halo.

be a gamer, not a fanboy

swinesucker3825d ago

Dude, there are dozens and dozens of KZ servers up daily. Who doesn't play it. Obviously you.

bsquwhere3824d ago

All the things you just stated are OPINIONS. No facts. What. So. Ever. You think Halo is better. Some people think Killzone is the one. I already know the points you'll bring up. It will be the same tired points. ALL fanboys bring up.

Sales don't make a great game. Or anything. There are books out there way better than any movie, and they don't make the same kind of money. Same can be said for music. There are great bands that make hardly any money compared to some rich ones that suck. In my opinion, of course.

Halo did redefine a genre. For console gamers. It's an awesome game. I bought a XBOX just to play it. I connected it to my pc to play online. I played for hours on end. Don't frag'n talk to me about Halo. On the other hand Halo 2 made FPS multiplayer what it is today. On consoles. However Halo 3, ODST, and even the single player for Halo 2, were just made to make money. I think of Halo as The Matrix of video games. The first one was great, the others just finished the story and were kinda shiny. Ya get me. Good games. Stopped being genre defining years ago.

I like Killzone. Not gonna change the genre like Halo(the 1st). But goddamn its a solid game. It's fun as hell. I like the story. I like the gameplay, and it looks real purty. So back off.

Halo is the the "used to be the popular guy in school" that still hangs out with the kids that still go there. Killzone is one of those kids. Just trying to get some of the girls (gamers)to pay attention to him, and not the older guy. Sure he's cool, but can he buy you beer.

So will the real gamers please stand up grab your controller(of choice), and slap the fanboy next to you with your free hand.

Peace, or whatever.

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BannedForNineYears3826d ago

Who designed that site?!
Is my browser not displaying it properly? Is it garbage for anyone else? O.o

hassi943825d ago

I get the same problem, can't see any actual comparison or anything, such a bad website.

MisterNiwa3825d ago

Its because of google translate, geez.

Before claiming shit, better research.

fireplace3825d ago

No it's not google translate. This site is completely broken.
They are ale the same. They are refreshing themselves every 5 seconds, even have the same advertising.

BannedForNineYears3825d ago

Hay Mister.

"Its because of google translate, geez.
Before claiming shit, better research."

"Is my browser not displaying it properly?"

Aka my browser isn't displaying it properly.

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Scary693826d ago

That is why I read some comments and decide weather the article is worth reading, in this case it is not so that means no hits for that site from me :)

Darkstorn3826d ago

These are completely different games. Why are they being compared?

Immortal3213826d ago

but if you can chose both killzone3 and halo reach, how come others can't accept gameplay and graphics instead of choosing one over the other?

vmartin123825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

I don't know why people are still going crazy over the Halo franchise... All I see is a good campaign, and a slightly modified multiplayer each game.. I loved Halo 1, was crazy over Halo 2 - Then I realized how similiar Halo 3 was... And it got boring within 3 months of release.. (Note: I was a crazy Halo fan - first at the midnight release where I live) I've played the Reach Beta.. And it fealt like the old generic Halo MP gameplay.. Course I'll buy Reach... But mainly for the campaign and to give MP another try.. But IMO - Gears of War 3 > Halo: Reach - And I liked KZ but the MP longevity was short lived due to their ranking system.

ATi_Elite3825d ago

Halo: Reach MIGHT sell more than Call of Duty black ops on the 360 but over all COD:bo will kill Halo: Reach in total sales because it's a multiplat.

Killzone 3 will surpass Killzone 2 as the definitive console shooter. Halo: Reach as far as graphics and game play is not on Killzone's level.

Killzone is a hardcore shooter and Halo is for casuals PERIOD. Any No0b can pick up Halo or MW2 and be competitive within 10 minutes. Noobtube or Needler nuff said.

N0obs have ZERO chance versus skilled players of Killzone 2 and BFBC2.

For 360 owners, I'm sorry but Halo is ALL you got and after that the 360 is MW2 then Gears then a big JOKE.

snesfangirl3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

"far as graphics and game play is not on Killzone's level. "
you're right halo's gameplay teabags killzone's.

graphics i'll give the edge to killzone, but reach looks fantastic.

sorry but the real world disagrees whole heartedly with you sony trolls. killzone really isn't anything special. halo raised the bar so high in multiplayer and features alone that psn would crash to try handle a game of it's magnitude.

halo also raised the bar/standard for all fps on consoles, killzone hasn't done shit since it's inception. killzone 2, nice to look at, boring as fuck to PLAY.

online stats prove me right, sells prove me right. all FACTS!
the only shooter i ever regretted buying was killzone 2, all HYPE nothing else. boring campaign, it almost put me to sleep, i did like the first person cover, that's all.

the online, lmfao if you guys really think that THAT game is something great online, then you all seriously need to play other shooters online...enough said!

"walks away laughing at the bullshit sony trolls in this thread"

Lyr1c3825d ago

-facepalm- @ snesfangirl

someone doesn't know what they're talking about

4me23825d ago

"high in multiplayer and features alone that psn would crash to try handle a game of it's magnitude"

Does Halo still has 16 people max in multiplayer? In p2p mode games are run on host machine with direct connection to participants and only uploads final stats to Live servers.

MAG 256 players and no lag. I think PSN can handle "magnitude" of 16
Regarding Killzone online multiplayers, I like crumbling parts of walls (because of rockets and nads), smoke, dynamic light effects, thunderstorm and lighting. Whats happening in settings(environment) around you, while you shoot , it only adds to overall experience and feel of the game. And Killzone does it well.

"you all seriously need to play other shooters online" - you should really take your own advise.

JonnyBadfinger3825d ago

i gotta agree with snes.

While i dont own a PS3 i have still spent a good 10hrs playing the game at a mates house, and i fail to see how its any different from battlefield. The player feels weighted and slow... although the game does have the best sprint action in a FPS i have ever seen, feels and looks natural.

KZ 2 all round is a decent game, being a 360 gamer i had alot of trouble adjusting to the controls but if your a PS3 gamer you probably didnt take any notice of it.

But the game is a tad to seriously for me, thats why i love Halo. nothing more satisfying then running your teammates down just as they have gotten a killing spree in your warthog.

My point is, KZ's intensity level is NOT that much different from that of Battlefields... and really the only difference between the 2 games is a different colour pallet.

And as for a Halo not being competitive, you cant be serious?... i think its a little thing called MLG. Which im pretty sure KZ and BFBC2 are NOT apart of. Why? Because they arent competitive.

Im a god in BFBC2 and CoD but i suck balls in Halo, taking someone shield down in 3 shots is harder than it sounds. And with the addition of recoil in Reach all my hope to 1 day be competitive at the game just got blown outta the bloody water. which is why i will stick to betrayals.

nycredude3821d ago


jesus christ

Having no games but halo and Gears and kinect has clearly made you xbots insane. "real world"? Where is this real world you live in? Reading your comments of psn crashing it would seem you are in lala land. Funny as hell being that the only place you can get 256 mp without lag is on Psn. Seriously just admit it you don't even have a Ps3 so stop the BS. You probably don't even have a pc if you think xbox live is uber powerful.

I'll admit I got rid of my 360 cause it was junk, loud and got too hot when using and the only real franchises on it I didn't like.

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Dee_913825d ago

Who ever approved this should have their aproving/ reporting powers taking away seriously

Eric Barrier3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

I agree. These articles are pointless and are what fuel fanboys. Never will you see "4 Reasons why Raisin in the Sun wipes the floor with Huck Finn". Halo: Reach will be fantastic as will Killzone 3 and both will be strong contenders of GOTYs for their respective years. Why can't we just come to an agreement. It will be hard to convince the general public that our hobby can be considered art if the audience is split and doesn't think (ex. Uncharted sucks, Zelda sucks, Mass Effect sucks, etc.) simply because they have a loyalty to a company. No one ever just goes to see Wes Anderson or Tim Burton films. They just enjoy good film regardless of who made them.

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DigitalRaptor3826d ago

This crappy webite needs to stop. I mean what's the point?

Both games are different, for different crowds.

One is arcadey, the other is more weighted/realistic.

MonopolyRSV3826d ago

Actually, "weighted" might not be true for KZ3. The dev was quoted as saying the game would cater more to the "run and gun" crowd or something like that, so alot of the heaviness might be gone. I hope not though cause that would be a shame.

MonopolyRSV3826d ago

How dare you disagree with me son!

Kingdom Come3825d ago

The one with the Elite Aliens and the Covenant who battle the Spartans in space or the one where Humans visit the another planet populated with enemies with Invisible Technology and more flying vehicles?

mastiffchild3826d ago

No Apple are evil and I prefer oranges to iPads every time. They're a food, a drink and a ball.

wicko3826d ago

goddamn cake fanboys in my N4G, everyone knows pie wipes the floor with cake

SonyPS3603826d ago

Look at the disagrees and agress.

All the proof you need that there are more Ps3 fanboys on this website.

DaTruth3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

Or there are just more people who like Killzone better than Halo on this site!

Cake>pie earned 37 agrees! What are we to make of that? More cake fanboys on this site???

x5exotic3826d ago

Killzone 2 > Halo Franchise

cyborg69713826d ago

Hairpie>anything. Dumb comparison and both will be good.

Theonik3825d ago

The Apple fanboys in the site are ubearable Orange>apple any day of the week.

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Anorexorcist3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

Boobies > Butts

And that is a Fact!!!

Killzone 3 > Halo Reach

And That is also a FACT!!!

...LOL, this is really fun!

presto7173826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

KZ3 > Reach

just like butt + hips + thighs >>>>>>>&g t; boobs

Ha!! FACT.

And my FACT > your FACT. Now thats a FACT!!!

MajestieBeast3826d ago

Boobies > Butts



Scotland-The-Brave3826d ago

@MajestieBeast whats so sexy about a butt? I mean shit comes out of it lol, unless you are gay ofcourse?

OneSneakyMofo3826d ago

Nothing like sucking on a hard nipple. Boobs ftw.

Sez 3826d ago

I have to agree with majestiebeast. There's nothing like grabbing on a phat booty when a girl is riding you. Plus when you hit it from the back and your watching it jiggle. That's just my opinion. Butt to each his own lol

Consoldtobots3826d ago

I think the one asking what is so sexy about a womans nice round buttocks should be the one checking their sexual orientation. just saying.....

insomnium3826d ago

There's nothing better than to come in slowly from behind while spreading it wide open. I don't mean the hole where sh*t comes out I mean the normal hole. I think when people say butt they don't mean actually the hole but the whole thing thighs included.

My wife has fed our babies with her boobies and I've never been too fond of boobies anyway. They are primarily for feeding infants but it's nice to put a sausage there in between sometimes too don't get me wrong. But when it comes to butt vs boobies there really is no comparison. To me anyway.

the_kutaragi_baka3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )


suck this... ;)

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aCHU3826d ago

DOOOOOOD PIE>CAKE get it strait!

.. and Killzone3D>Reach 2D ..

Boobies and Buttt>Dick n Balls lol

skip2mylou3826d ago


Lyr1c3825d ago

Black > White