Is Red Dead Redemption Really A Great Game?

Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption has been lauded by many as 2010's best game. It's considered a masterpiece, possibly Rockstar's best game. But is it really a great game?

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Rot_in_Fail3183d ago

one of those "Uncharted is overrated/Does GOW3 deserve a 10" articles

Darkstorn3184d ago

I think it is. It's a truly excellent title.

gtamike3184d ago

no just like GTA4 was not.

0mega43183d ago

was fun at first but online experience lacks and is over all boring.

and the campaign is fun until you complete mission after mission doing very similar tasks
additionally riding your horse everywhere is not as fun as it would seem

crzyjackbauer3183d ago

agreed, i got bored with it after 100% completion like all rockstar games

LordMarius3183d ago

no, it's not. It's boring, repitive, and uninspiring, the good part of the story is the ending the rest is just a drag. IMO it's overrated just like GTA4

3183d ago
writersblock3183d ago

I agree about RDR, but I really enjoyed GTA 4

Both were worth the $60, but neither deserved the full praise and hype receievd. R* is awesome and all, but its obviouse with big game releases like this people get paid for some high score reviews

TheGoose3183d ago

If you find RDR boring, then you are boring. Do you have friends? Because playing with friends is ridiculously fun. It's a shame you didn't play it the right way. The fun way.

fossilfern3183d ago

I agree 100% with MariusElijah i cant get into the game at all, ill still play it hoping il eventually get into it but as of now its a boring and a pure chore to play

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jjohan353183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

It was a good game, but it doesn't compare to the excellent exclusive games found on either system. I thought it was a bit overrated except the ending. It has too many annoying glitches including random AI friends or their horses walking between you and the enemy. And the free roam objectives can be completed in 2 hours.

NY_Pride3183d ago

The SP was fantastic, MP ...not so much.

RedDead3183d ago

Thought it was overrated aswell. EVery mission seemed to be the same, the differance between this and Gta is the you can't really mess around in this. Driving is more fun than horseriding, flying is more fun that horse riding, I liked the shooting but still, it's not enough since that's all you do for most of the game. Every mission is just the same as the last. Go here, shoot people, escape while shooting people.

fooltheman3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

sorry but I think the mission's were very varied.. and due to the constant reminder of your quest the story was always in your mind, so you didn't forget why you did it...
It had a purpose
in Gta 4 every mission was 'working for someone , kill him", no recapitulation of your it was boring as hell...But I did give a very good feeling of being a paperboy...

RedDead3183d ago

Don't mistake me for someone who actually likes Gta4 aswell. I hate that for the same reason, im just saying I didn't have fun floating around on a horse or anything and I liked RdR story but I found it extremely repetitive.

fooltheman3183d ago

well I just found the setting and the purpose of doing what you we're doing more clear than in gtaIV

Mmmkay3183d ago

in cod all you do is shoot people....
in street fighter all you do is hit and kick people....

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XactGamer3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

It's a contender for GOTY right along side StarCraft, Mario Galaxy 2, GOW3 and Mass Effect 2. 1 group of people will whine about this game along with GTAIV because their side didn't get as much love. They think Rockstar are traitors so they cry about it.

stevenhiggster3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

Personally I didn't like it. I did at first but then got really bored really quick. Not for me, tbh I'm quite fed up of all open world games, I prefer to just get in and get the job done, not fanny about just filling time with random missions that are ultimately pointless.
Plus the fact that it was the most buggy glitchy game ever!

Mmmkay3183d ago

stop trolling. it didn't bug/glitch once during my 50 hours of singleplayer...

random missions that are pointless?

I guess main story missions give you a reason to live or something?

stevenhiggster3183d ago

No but at least they progress the story!


double yes.... haters, cry more!

psman0123183d ago

Red Dead got boring to me, but that is just me :\ I think Im going to sell it and save the money for LBP2

ReservoirDog3163183d ago


Might not be for people with ADD though.

Still, yes.

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gtsentry3184d ago

wats the point of even making this alredy made millions n everyone likes it

The_Zeitgeist3183d ago

The purpose of making the article is for the author to espouse his opinion. Are you okay with someone having an opinion.

gtsentry3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

couldnt care less

EinRobot3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

you do know this is N4G right? cuz thats kinda what people do here. vomit crap comments on stuff hard and act like uninformed, uneducated, hateful little trolls.

@ the Zeitgeist

The_Zeitgeist3183d ago

@ gtsenty - I find it funny you would even waste your time commenting on an article with some stupid diss against the author. Let people have an opinion.

@ EinRobot - Okay since you only have 1010 pts on N4G I would take a guess that you are either a noob to the site or you are using multiple accounts. I'd bank my money on you having multiple accounts.

EinRobot3183d ago

you would lose your money. I have hardly any points because I have hardly any use for this fanboy troll fest site. you lose your bet, you fail.

DaBadGuy3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

Didn't know this was O4G, Opinions for Gamers.

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