10 videogame clichés that have gone on for long enough

DFG: It's always the same, no matter how many games you've played in your life (unless you've only ever played Just Dance, in which case, forget this and go away): interchangeable objects, characters, weapons, missions, dodgy AI and identikit control issues appear in almost every game to blight our pure, unadulterated fun.

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Darkstorn3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

How can the author think that Halo's story is impenetrable? Usually when I think of an 'impenetrable' story, I think of a convoluted one. To be convoluted a story has to actually have a great deal of plot points, twists, and situational factors that together make the story difficult to relate to. Halo was just a tale of a dude fighting aliens with some minor politics mixed in. Nothing particularly 'impenetrable' about that plot...

However, there are some good points made in the article. I do find it strange that we still walk over items to collect them, and space marines are getting quite pasé.

DelbertGrady3184d ago

Walking over items to collect them is a gameplay design decision. Having to watch an animation sequence every single time you pick up bullets and whatnot would kill the pacing in many action games.

Galaxia3184d ago

Agreed. Having to watch the animation to pick up anything in RDR was really annoying.

Walking over things to pick them up is fine, and should never change.

And about Halo, I only played the first one so far but I enjoyed the story.

HDgamer3184d ago

Would be boring really and time consuming.

table3184d ago

I remember in the old Tomb Raiders you had to stand directly over the item then slowly pick it up. I did enjoy it, I was young enough to think it was so amazingly realistic.

spartan_dx3184d ago

In Uncharted 2 you have to pick up ammo and such with your hands and it works very well and adds to the realism you can also pick things up faster if you roll over them.

cranium3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

I always feel so badass when I roll over a weapon, pick it up, snap to cover, and then pop some guy in the head. All in the span of 3 seconds.(Uncharted 2)

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cayal3184d ago

I've played Halo 1 - 3 and I don't know what the story is about. This is more about lack of subtitles/being able to hear the conversations more then storyline (though that could be because I can't hear it).

HolyOrangeCows3184d ago

"See those things on the bottom of your legs with the opposable big toe and finger length digits? Of course you don't, because if you did you'd be a monkey"
Ahahahaha! That had me laughing.
A little animation of the character reaching down to grab objects would be a fine addition.

YES. I am sick of escort missions.

"Idiot townsfolk"
Noncombatant NPCs need to seem more realistic than how they're portrayed in today's games.

"Rhythm action style mini games/Quick Time Events"
They're rarely justified. Let's see some more control for the player.

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PaPa-Slam3184d ago

Well, let just agree that Halo story isn't something all the fans are Proud off.

dizzleK3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

i'm embarrassed to admit this but i've read the novels. the fiction is actually pretty good but you certainly wouldn't know it from just the games.

mine is games that break their own rules i.e. squadmates who are invulnerable bullet sponges yet i get killed in 2 hits. turrets that have unlimited ammo and no cool down when enemies use them but you get a dozen shots and it reheats after every one. grenades that barely faze enemies but you're dead if you're even in eyeshot of of the enemies grenade.

SpaceSquirrel3184d ago

I prefer getting items automatically when I walked over them.

T9X693184d ago

Depends on the game really. In RPG games I hate it, because I always end up picking up crap I don't need and have to do tons of sorting. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't.

Alos883184d ago

Bad voice acting isn't a cliche, it is the sad yet inevitable truth that developers often are either trying to be "so bad it's good" or figure the player really doesn't care and will just skip all the cutscenes anyway.

lex-10203184d ago

This is the worst list i think i've ever seen. They pretty much hate everything about video games

Coolmanrico3184d ago

I agree, the author should just stick to raceing game.

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