Pokémon Sunday features new footage from Black and White

Part of this week's episode of Pokémon Sunday included the cast playing through four minutes of Pokémon Black and White Versions. Three battles were shown. The player battled Cheren, Bel, and a wild Shimama.

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Archaic3970d ago's a bit hard to tell the context of some of that stuff in the video, but....was that a gym in the starting town? Oo;

Jellomello3970d ago

Looks like everyone's getting versus sprites now.

BoredPikachu3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Hm, they only showed part of that 6 minute trainer.

Archaic3970d ago

Where was that 6 minute trailer from originally anyway? Nintendo Channel on Japanese Wii's? Or a TV spot on Oha Suta?

BoredPikachu3970d ago

I recalled reading that it was from Oha Suta...

TTEchidna3970d ago

It seems to be raining in every battle. Did they give Mijumaru Drizzle instead of Torrent?

BoredPikachu3970d ago

I thought I saw it raining before the battle...

xHarvey3970d ago

The day will come when we finally get to create our own avatar, or at least customize the one we get. >_>

Myst3970d ago

I am still waiting for that...

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