6 things that'll make the Nintendo Wii a success

Six points that are very likely to work in the Wii's favor, touching on things such as why simply releasing the Wiimote for the GameCube is *not* a good idea and why having slightly dated hardware *is*.

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Shadowstorm5400d ago

Wow, such hatred. Is it that time of month for you?

wakkiwakko5400d ago

Aunt Flow must've criticized his lack of motivation in life again. :( Such a shame.

BIadestarX5400d ago

Honestly with all the hype around the wii; it makes me want to give it a try. So, who knows there is a 80% chance I will buy one. I don't see this console as an Xbox 360/PS3 killer (Maybe in Japan). The only thing that pisses me off about the wii is, "The first is of course cost: developing advanced technology requires a lot of money, which ends up falling on the consumer’s shoulder." and " by making sure developers can’t rely on graphics as a major selling point, they’ll be forced into impressing people with innovative gameplay, the Wiimote of course being the most accessible way of doing this.". I think is is bull! Just because a console can handle the best graphics, physics and sound it does not mean the game has to suck. Can the game look good, sound good and be fun? Why not? Not every game will be fun for the wii; the same can be said about the PS3 and XBox 360; it's reality. This is like saying that movies like Spiderman, Batman, superman, and others would be better if produced by low budget studios with cheap equipment and that no body will tell the difference or care. Besides wii games will be $49.00. Pretty much the same as a 1st party Xbox 360 game and $10 less than a 3rd party (some are less) new game. So as a consumer is concerned; where is the benefit for making the wii so weak compared to the other consoles? What pisses me off about the wii is that I will be getting one! I hate myself for being a gaming junkie!

ArchChef5399d ago

a massive group of people who wouldn’t otherwise bother have been penetrated.

Best line EVER!