Could Call of Duty Black Ops have 1-24 player multiplayer?

In the UK PlayStation website it lists Call of Duty Black Ops to have 1-24 player multiplayer, or could this just be a mistake.

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MariaHelFutura4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

Good. 6-18 is a bit old....for me anyway, especially after games like MAG, Warhawk and Killzone 2.

HeroXIV4319d ago

Yeah. That and also on PC it's almost inexcusible to have that little. Most servers get near 60 players on average and Mount and Blade Warband with 126 players... charging on horses at one another, so damn fun. :)

NecrumSlavery4319d ago

"1-24 player multiplayer?"

1 player multiplayer? Does that mean the return of bots?

Hades13374319d ago

More isn't always better. MAG didn't work cause you had too many people running round like headless chickens.

Umbrella Corp4319d ago

Mag didnt work?Yeah thats why its still getting support from Zipper and thats why the community is thriving.You dont seem to understand the coding that goes into making a game.Anyways @NecrumSlavery perhaps 1 play multiplayer is the return of zombies.

Capdastaro4319d ago

Last time I played it, I didn't see a thriving community.

Jus' sayin'

XactGamer4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

MAG is a failure Warhawk is so much better

Browser failure WTF Firefox

lex-10204318d ago

Agreed, sorta. If people focused more on working as a team and less on getting a high k/d MAG would be one of the best games on the market, but to many people are selfish and only worrying about their score to actually work as a team.

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Pandamobile4319d ago

I miss the 55 player servers on COD4 on PC. Those were always hilarious.

Hopefully Black Ops' dedicated server tool will allow for higher player counts.

tdrules4319d ago

Why do you miss em, they're still there :p

Pandamobile4318d ago

I mean that they no longer exist in MW2.

toaster4319d ago

Yeah war games are awesome when the number of players increase, you just need a bigger map. There are servers in CSS with 64 players, that is pure chaos but fun nonetheless. I think in 1.6 the limit was 130 or something.

CoD4 MP was awesome even with all the bugs that IW didn't take care of. Pals and I would always just do knifefights for the hell of it. World at War's multiplayer was ok, not mind blowing or anything. MW2 just killed it.. I played the Steam free weekend thing for MW2 and it was horrible. Rage quit within the first 5 minutes.

I'm hoping Treyarch can fix the CoD image and bring it back to it's glory. CoD was one of the first FPS's I have played and back then it was phenomenal. It just got better and better and then IW had to go and tarnish their reputation with a crap game like MW2.

Motorola4319d ago

The thing is, it has the potential to and it would be great..But the devs? No, they are too lazy....

dragonelite4318d ago

What Treyarch are going far with this cod.
I like the fact the trying to be so precise about the spetnaz they are kinda like acrobats just watch deadliest warrior spetnaz vs navy seals.

lex-10204318d ago

Treyarch made COD3 which failed, and COD 5 which also failed. Lets just hope they break their streak.

Mista T4319d ago

gotta have a paid subscription first :P lol

otherZinc4319d ago

can they have "Campaign" Co-op?

NarooN4318d ago

It was confirmed ages ago that there's a separate, dedicated 4-player co-op mode. Zombies is also confirmed recently from a magazine and it's also its own mode.

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