Microsoft Claims Halo: Reach is the Most Anticipated Game in 2010

While gamers seem to have their own preference of anticipated games in 2010, Microsoft makes it clear that there should only be one game considered the most anticipated in 2010. According to their July 30th newsletter sent out to Xbox Live gamers, Microsoft makes it clear that Halo: Reach is the most anticipate Game of 2010.

Check out the newsletter image sent out.

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HorsePowerr3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

"God of War III was awarded "Most Anticipated Game of 2010" at the 2009 Spike Video Game Awards"

evrfighter3828d ago

starcraft 2 has been anticipated for a decade.

and will be the only one of the bunch that actually lived up to its hype.

3828d ago
The BS Police3828d ago

Since when was Spike TV the be all end all decider of everything videogames?

Shadow Flare3828d ago

Gran Turismo 5 is the most anticipated title of 2010. The sales can do the talking

XactGamer3828d ago

GT5 will be a great game and will probably be the PS3's top seller but I doubt it will top Halo. IMO I think the PS3 fanboys will be disappointing when the numbers come out and will probably have a crap load of excuses.

About MS and Reach, MS is just playing the numbers for Halo this gen. If people think that Halo Reach will magically fail after 12 million Halo 3 copies sold will have a rude awakening. The only game this year or next year that has any chance what so ever to top Halo is CoD and Mario Galaxy 2.

Shadow Flare3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

well the balls in halo's court to get the highest sales. No halo game has ever outsold Gran Turismo 3. So GT5 being the first game on ps3, and with the absolute MASS of new features it has for the series (online, damage, cockpit view, nascar, weather, go-karts, track editor, but to name merely a few), its HUGELY anticipated. Don't place your Halo so high on its throne because its not the sales king when Gran Turismo is around

Megaton3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

It's easily Starcraft 2. People have been clamoring for that game since before there even was a Halo. I'll bet you could see people lining up in South Korea from space.

RememberThe3573828d ago

I think GT5 is a serious x-factor this gen. The "demo" that was released in 2008 sold what? 4 million? It's hard to understand how well the game will do since we haven't seen a racer like this this generation.

I don't think it will do GT3 numbers but 10 million copies does not seem like an unreasonable number considering the way the series has performed so far.

BloodyCHAMP3828d ago

you guys keep bringing up the old gt sales back when there was more then 100 million ps2's sold obivously sales will be big. Times have changed!! racers are not as big anymore shooters picked up a lot of attraction and gt5 will not sell as good as your can look at the pre order charts and you will see that it has same weeks left for launch as black ops yet black ops is smashing it in preorders and thats ps3 alone black ops....HALO REACH WILL DESTROY GT5 sales and thas a fact!!!

JonnyBadfinger3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

@ Shadow Flare

Over a lifetime Gran Turismo 5 probably will beat Halo Reach, but as for Day 1, Halo Reach cant be touched.

Im almost willing to bet that Halo Reach would already have 3x the ammount of pre-orders that GT5 has.

By the way i am a massive GT fan, even though i dont own a PS3. but which game do you honeslty think will still be played by more than a million gamers a day a year after launch? sorry but Halo Reach is more likely to take 'GOTY' and yes i know this is about 'MAGotY' but that award can only be award the year before the games release

And how is that game going by the way? you still play it daily i assume? and that award was falsely place IMHO. If people are seriously suggesting that God of War is better than Gran Turismo they are dipsh*ts...

Persistantthug3828d ago

and most of those were sold when the PS3 was less than 30 million units sold.

That's how you deliver a fact, BloodyCHAMP.

ChronoJoe3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Almost 5million at retail.

GTP is also on the PSN store. Should be between 6, and 7 million total.

Anyone who buys a GT demo, for the price of a full game. Is a GT fan, and will buy GT5. So consider that 7mil for GT5...

Then on top of that, there are people who didn't buy GT5P, but will purchase GT5. I can't make an accurate estimate as to how many these are. I'm one of them though.

But furthermore, 40% of people who intend to buy GT5, do not own A PS3. So considering ~1/2 of the people who intend to purchase GT5, will not have purchased GTP for not owning PS3s - this can be used to predict GT5s sales at ~12mil LT + variable figure of PS3 owners who did not buy GTP that will buy GT5.

I estimate 14-16mil, life time. GT has a lot more anticipation this time round, there's been a long wait, and it's finally - photorealistic. This is purely based on the assumption that the GT5 related, consumer surveys, were accurate; though.

saint_john_paul_ii3828d ago

"you guys keep bringing up the old gt sales back when there was more then 100 million ps2's sold obivously sales will be big."

uh, GT3 sold more than 10 million 2 years after release. and this was during the PS2's young age, not when sales hit 100 million.

EvilBlackCat3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

"God of War III was awarded "Most Anticipated Game of 2010" at the 2009 Spike Video Game Awards"

I bet that if Halo Reach was the one in that sentence your reaction will be... ahhh who cares its just their opinion.

tsk tsk tsk.

REALITY is that everybody (YES you all PS3 loyalists included) are waiting for the release of reach.

Isn't that anticipation?

tinybigman3827d ago

M$ fans it is, while for PS3 fans its GT5. do we really need these stupid articles thats obvious for both sides of fans?

RemusN73827d ago

Can't imagine how popular is the GT series in Europe, it's crazy. Halo here is seen as a kiddie's game. Sports and racing games are kings here, so don't think that a shooter will sell more than a racing game just because of that... here in Europe people don't like shooting aliens (generally). I live in Spain and that's how things are.

yippiechicken3827d ago

Some of you need to figure out a way to get all 3 systems. It's great being able to play the best each console has to offer. At that point in time, you realize how stupid most of these articles are and come in to view them just for the laughs!


tinybigman3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

OMG someone who understands that each system has great games that the other doesn't. thank you dude for the most sensible comment so far. bubbles.

im american and even i know auto racing is bigger in europe next to football; so i know GT will be huge in europe. i love formula 1, le mans, touring racing more then my own racing here.

RageAgainstTheMShine3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

another flame bait article!

@ Poseidon
Well said, Blondie!

You see my friend there are to kinds of people here in N4G, those with loaded guns and those who dig & fall for this flame bait.

No need to flame guys. Keep it cool. If the slogan doesn't apply to you then deal with it in a civilized way. You guys are old enough to know that. Only a Sith deals with absolutes!

I don't play Halo even if I have an Xbox360 but I respect it & Bungie. They are good at what they do and I adore Halo's production designs.

Sad thing is, many pirates & hackers also have this great game as one of their Most Anticipated Game in 2010.

And whoever is behind this slogan, I suspect Aaron Greenberg, is a narrow minded and disrespectful kind of PR man.
Its unfair to the other big Xbox 360 titles & their respective companies. Isn't this also the slogan for Allan Wake, Mass effect 2, Splinter Cell Conviction etc? How about the Call of Duty, dudes? If it happens I will not be surprised if CoD: Black Ops will mop the floor with this game.

Microsoft has a habit of downplaying its own when promoting another product. Like the way they advertise Kinect they downplay their controller & its rumble feature saying, 'oh you don't need them!' And for those hardcore gamers who bought the new 360 what wave of 360 exclusive games are they getting a tidal wave of kinect games!
How bitterly ironic is that!? What are they smoking inside Micro & Soft.

If Sony had this kind of PR BS with the Move I will screw them! ( but I am glad they don't :)

Anyways, Microsoft is PR department is wack!

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Is that what everyone's excited for this year? another FPS?

Poseidon3828d ago

for many it will be, for many it will be another game. it just depends on the person ;)

RockmanII73828d ago

"for many it will be, for many it will be another game. it just depends on the person ;)"

Wow, you are so smart. No sarcasm, I feel like people really don't understand what an opinion is on this site. + bubs

karl3828d ago

how can it be anticipated? we've only waited for a few months..

its not like so many other franchise where we have waited for years.. with a growing excitement over time... like starcraft .. thats anticipated because we have expected it for so long..

soo again.. isn't there a halo release every few months?

vsr3827d ago

Halo reach = limited to US,UK
GT5 = Worldwide!

REMEMBER GT5 prologue sold 5 million on $399-499 PS3.
Now GT5 + $299 PS3 = none can match.

N4PS3Fanboys3827d ago

Halo: Reach has far, far, far more preorders than GT5, and it had far more preorders than GT5 when it was the same number of weeks from release as GT5. There is not a chance in hell that GT5 will outsell Halo: Reach this holiday season.

gman_moose3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Do you realize that most people don't preorder videogames 6 months before release? I plan on getting it, but I don't have it preordered, and I'm sure there are millions more like me. PLUS you have to factor in the people who don't own a PS3 yet, and are waiting for GT5. You KNOW Sony is going to have a GT5/Hardware bundle, so most people are probably waiting for that.

Preorder numbers mean jack so far from release. Halo is out in Sept, and 360 owners have no other quality games to look forward to, so of course its being preordered like crazy.

As for sales, in the short term, yes, Halo will destory GT5, but long term, I think it will be close. Plus PS3 gamers have so much more to choose from, 360 owners don't. They have Halo, Fable, and COD. If I was forced to play crap games like Halo and Fable due to lack of other software, I'd be acting like a 2 year old on flame bait sites too.

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SixZeroFour3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

i really dont see how they can say this (and really didnt like seeing it in the battle begins reach trailer)

reason why i dont see how they can say this is cause not everyone owns a 360, so they wouldnt be anticipating its release...i love reach, halo and bungie, no doubt about that, but i also hate blind statements

sc2, gt5, gowIII were equally anticipated titles with its own crowd...mvc3 is another one

RockmanII73828d ago

I'd add SMG2 to that list, sequel to the highest rated game on the Wii to become one of the highest rated games of all time.

the_kutaragi_baka3828d ago

Hate on it all you want haters of halo reach. We all know its going to make a shitload of money. There is a reason this is one of the most celebrated shooters of all time. "They did not change too much"- That is a flawed argument. I can't wait to come home from college and play it on my brother's box!

NateNater3828d ago

I think GT5 is way more anticipated than Reach. Its been anticipated for a long time now and its finally almost here!!

T9X693828d ago

Alan Wake was anticipated for a long time as well and look how that turned out. The longer the wait, the quicker the hype dies down. GT5 will not bomb like Alan Wake did, but people been waiting for GT5 for so long lost a lot of anticipation.

ChronoJoe3828d ago

T9, least try to be smart, when you're trolling.

Alan Wake, had hardly any preorders, and no - it actually wasn't anticipated for a long time. It was overhyped, and most of the anticipation came from the PC community, which Remedy left out in the cold.

iPad3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

After reading the comments, Xbox fanboys have no idea how popular Gran Turismo is WORLDWIDE.

People who are gonna buy Reach already have a 360.

People who are gonna buy Gran Turismo 5 don't have a PS3, yet.

Johnny_Bravo3828d ago

So you're saying every PS3 fanboy on this site that constantly post how great GT5 is going to be, doesn't have a PS3? You're also saying there is no other reason to own a PS3 since GT5 isn't out yet?

BloodyCHAMP3828d ago

A RACER WILL NEVER SELL EVEN CLOSE TO A SHOOTER EXPECIALLY HALO in this time and era....face the facts!!!

ReBurn3828d ago

I think it's a ridiculous assertion that the people who want Gran Turismo 5 don't have a PS3 yet. I kind of agree with the Halo Reach part, although I bet a special edition 360 will be forthcoming and may move a few consoles.

GT5 is going to be awesome, that's for sure. But it would be sad if people didn't enjoy all of the other games the PS3 has offered up for the last couple of years.

totallysane3828d ago

@ bloody, how many times has bungie stated were not making another halo game, then voila 6 months later they poop one out. yes GT5 is the most anticipated out of the two. MS if full of it. and no im not playin the fanboy card im playin the realism card. MS wants money money money so they put out a halo everyyear. polyphony digital cares about the quality of their game.. thats obbious they dont want to release it until its PERFECT. suck on that for a while.

insomnium3827d ago

for taking things way too literally and trying to be smart about it. Obviously he is 14-18 yo and therefore a brat. Noone cares what brats say. Go complain to your mommy and daddy. Let the adults do the talking.

Threesix3827d ago

For acting more immature than Johnny. It was a fair observation on what PS3 fans say to try to justify that what they like is better than everything else. Come back when you're ready to actually discuss something in a way that doesn't make you look worse than the person you're trying to make fun of.

insomnium3827d ago

No need to "discuss" to brats. You seem butthurt so you must be a brat too (or an alt account of JB). Sit down and be quiet.

Evoluti0n3827d ago

'6 months later they poop one out.'

ODST 09/09... Halo:Reach 09/10...your point equals FAIL.

'polyphony digital cares about the quality of their game'

Im sure they do care, but don't assume that Bungie doesn't. While MS may be about money, so is Sony, Nintendo etc etc. Don't talk sh!t on Bungie, seriously, just don't.

dragon823827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Halo - 11/01
Halo 2 - 11/04

Halo 3 - 09/07
Halo Wars - 03/09
Halo 3: ODST - 09/09
Halo Reach - 09/10

While the only two that were released six months apart were Halo Wars and ODST you can't argue with the fact that they have drastically cut down the time in between releases.

There was a three year gap between Halo and Halo 2. When Halo Reach is released it will make four Halo games released in the last 3 years. Its not hard to see why some people would think its being milked.

OT - My most antisipated games of 2010 are actually LittlebigPlanet 2 and Fallout New Vegas.

Evoluti0n3826d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Bungie did not make Halo wars, thus your point is somewhat flawed.

I will agree that the time between Halo games have been closer together, but 6 months apart is pushing the boundaries of the point you are trying to make.

Especially considering the fact that the only Halo games that come into close contact with each other, (ODST and Halo Wars) were not both made by Bungie, which is what I was saying in my original post directed @ totallysane.


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iPad3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Double post fail.

bodybombs3828d ago

who cares if it is or isnt. personally this year its mine, but i hate Grand Tourismo, they seemed like boring racing sims that offer nothing that i cant do in real life by spending a few bucks and going to a track.

god of war seemed like a great game, but i grew tired of hack and slash games when DMC3 came out.

black ops will probably trump every other game out there, as if you havent noticed, for some reason cod is the only game people seem to play online now. however i probably wont get it until early 2011.

honestly i dont care either way, tons of people are gonna buy it, they will forget about other games and it will be the number one game as far as players online. if they get gt5 and have an xbox they will probably get reach as well. thats what i want, a large group of people playing so i have more competition, less time finding matches, more time playing.

Imperator3828d ago

IMO, GT5, SC2, and GOWIII are/were all much more anticpated. SC2 is the sequel we've been waiting for 10 years. GT5 is the first full GT title (which happens to be the PlayStation brand's main franchise) and has been awaited for 5 long years. GOWIII was the resolution to GOWII's epic cliffhanger.

Halo Reach will no doubt be great, but it's just another Halo. All the game I listed above are much more anticipated imo.

Jazz41083828d ago

And gran Turiso what is it #5 will be another gran turismo.

Imperator3828d ago

But it's the first full GT game this generation. The demo alone sold 4 million+ and GT has always been the series that pushes PlayStation sales (GT for PS1 and GT3 for PS2).

I'm not bashing Halo Reach, not at all. Personally, I'm really excited about it as I really enjoyed the beta and I like the Halo Universe. All I"m saying is I disagree with what MS is saying.

totallysane3828d ago

"GT5, SC2, and GOWIII are/were all much more anticpated. SC2 is the sequel we've been waiting for 10 years"

True True

bessy673827d ago

I agree that SC2 is probably the most anticipated game of 2010. However, I still think reach is more anticipated than GOW3 and GT5. I'm not saying that everyone feels the same way, but shooters are the "in" genre right now and I feel that Reach will beat both GOW and GT in sales (GOW definitely). People keep bringing up GT3 sales numbers, but shooters weren't as popular and racers were more popular when it was released and the ps2 had a much larger install base than the ps3.

Trizard3827d ago

I do believe that GT5 and Reach (and SC2) are very anticipated games but whoever says that GOW3 was the most anticipated of the year needs to fucking shove it. It sold only 2.8 million copies so far (vgchartz FACT). RDR on just the 360 has sold the same and when you include PS3 sales, it nearly doubles the total sales of God of War 3. And don't tell me that time/weeks is the factor because RDR is on week 10 whereas GOW3 is on week 19. Games like BFBC2 and Mario Galaxy 2 have sold more than GOW3, as well. Don't say that GOW3 was the most anticipated game, if it was, it would have sold better. Its only you Sony fanboys who make up this bullshit.

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evilmonkey5013828d ago

GT5 will pwn every game so far this generation. period.

Zachmo1823828d ago

Well dude thats were your wrong sure it may have sold a lot but its not the best selling franchise FACT. Maybe on the playstation yea. But when it comes down to it MARIO is FACT.

Im sorry to burst your fanboy bubble. But dont worry i'll blow you a new one.

comp_ali3828d ago

Don't forget to change your DIABER , kid.

bodybombs3828d ago

idk it just never really appealed to me. not a huge fan of the franchise. id have to say im looking forward to LBP2 more than it, but thats just me.

my point is that its not for everyone and many will agree. the same can be said for halo though, which is why this whole conversation is fruitless

Consoldtobots3828d ago

lol @ everfighter ALWAYS looking for a way to troll PS3 exclusives.

and yes most anticipated goes to SC2.

The Lazy One3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

It's really going to be hilarious when GT5 comes out and sells worse than halo. GT3 had a 100+million install base to sell to and sold 14 million (around 15% of the users bought it depending what number you actually use for the install base). Halo 3 sold 11 million to 40 million 360s. That's selling to 25% of the current user base.

Sure GT5 will sell well, but it's just not going to blow sales records. The only Gran Turismo to sell more than Halo 3 is 2 iterations ago.

Goodbye bubbles.

edit: and SC2 probably has most anticipated this year. If diablo 3 were coming out then maybe that would be different.

siyrobbo3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

The ps2 hadn't sold 100 million units when gt3 hit it launched not long after the ps2. Gt4 did however sell to a larger install base and failed to sell as many units a gt3.

But there's no point comparing the ps3 to the ps2 as they are totally different consoles from totally different period of time. I can't see gt5 selling on par with gt3 or even 4, but i'm positive it will outsell mgs4 and become the systems top selling exclusive

also I think the most anticipated game is black ops, not because it's better, but because it's being anticipated by ps3, xbox and pc players, not just a single platform

Greywulf3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

As a demo..

With a smaller install base than the 360.

Buh it was cheap!

Forza3 is 60 dollars. And barely sold as many units as the 30 dollar demo. With double the audience. Excuses are going to be rampant when 360 fans can no longer play the "BUH HALO TEH SALES!" Which mind you, is the only franchise thats made those sales on the console.

MGS4 boosted PS3 sales to 405k NPD.
Halo3 boosted 360 sales to 550k NPD.

What franchise do you think is larger than both of those games combined? And which *Just* doesn't sell in NA?

Yeah, going to be funny as hell. Just because of all the trash talked in the media about the PS3 this generation. Sure, deny it now all you want. Which you will do. Of course. GT5 out-selling halo WITHOUT a 30 million dollar ad campign will just end the stupid ass fanboy wars that 360 fans started. Anyone denying this is an utter moron. Sales are meaningless.

BloodyCHAMP3828d ago

PERSISTANTTHUG heres another FACT that speaks for the present and not the past....gt5 is number 10 on the pre order list, with games that have as much or more weeks to launch still ahead of it...all this talk why dont you go pre order the game since it needs the numbers. fact of the present not fact of the past looking at prologue sales or what not. I think i prove my point. Thank you ;)

multips3fan3828d ago

of course microsoft .halo your only AAA exclusive coming out in 2010 and that is a fact

ranmafandude3828d ago

You are entitled to your opinion and all but what about the gamers out there that don't really like fps or mp online focused games? Not everyone likes the same types of games that is why we have different genres of games. Personally halo reach is not my most anticipated game in 2010. I like fps but after I get rebuy mw2 and get killzone 3 in 2011 that will be enough fps for a while for me. they are starting to all feel the same to me lol going back to jrpgs just like I did during the ps2 times.

EVILDEAD3603828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Even though Bloody Champ completely robbed my post from two days ago.I will reiterate what I said..

Gran Turismo is as an amazing and storied franchise. It invented the racing sim genre. I've owned every single one. But the truth is the people who make sales claims from past generations are in for a rude awakening.

The FPS genre is hands down number one this is even the number one selling selling genre on the PS3 as well as the 360..

Last years Call of Duty: MW2 was the sales bar for 2009..rising to the top of both the PS3 and 360 charts and it even secured a sales boost for the 360.

But, what people fail to realize is that MW2 enjoyed a 360 install with 40 Million before it topped Halo 3's numbers..

To put it in perspective..Halo 3 reached 8.1 million with an install base of 11 people even realize what's going to happen when Halo Reach is unleashed to the same instal base as MW2?

The other comparisons are meaningless.Forza 3 is an amazing racer..but it's brand pales in comparison to the mighty Gran Turismo brand and after 5 years..we ALL should be slobbering to get our hands on it..

But Forza 3 is to GTA 5..what Killzone 2 is to Halo 3...quality franchise with bright futures who have a long way to go before they can match the fan fare of the entrenched franchises.

People pretending that GT5 will somehow be the only title to increase hardware sales is silly. EXISTING PS3 owners like myself will be the reason GT5 does big numbers in November..

But there will be ONE game that has thousands of gamers waiting online at midnight retail launches with a fervor that no game this year has enjoyed..and that is HALO: REACH..

No other console game this generation has over 700,000 million people a day playing over a million games a day..3 years after it launched..That Game is Halo 3.

Halo Reach's beta broke beta records the other month..the preorders will continue to skyrocket as the release nears..

Simply matter what people want to admit..Gran Turismo is incredibly anticipated by gamers around the world..but Halo Reach is THE most anticipated game this year..

I know I will be on a midinight line for Reach and in November I will buy the best wheel on the market to play GT5

Life is god to be a em'..don't hate on em'


dragon823827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Not to sound like a fanboy here (I own all 3 consoles) but you are assuming that most of the "29 million" people who bought an Xbox 360 since Halo 3 released are Halo fans and are going to buy Halo Reach. I am not saying it wont sell like crazy but you can't just assume everyone with a 360 is a Halo fan. I for sure am not and I own one. I haven't like a Halo game this generation period.

And lets all be honest here. The only people who are going to flock to the store to get a new xbox when Halo Reach releases are the hardcore Halo fans who want the Halo Edition and the hardcore Microsoft fans who want to boost the sales numbers. Anyone who was waiting for a Halo game to buy a 360 has already had three chances this generation.

EVILDEAD3603826d ago

I'm not assuming anything..I simply laid out the facts..

Who is pretending that EVERYONE including yourself likes the Halo franchise. The article is about the MOST anticipated game of 2010.

You may never ever purchase a Halo game in your life..but it won't stop the millions that will in September.

The numbers don't lie..over 8 million people bought Halo 3 in less than 3 months..with only a total of 11 million people who actually owned the 360.

Fast forward 3 years from now and you have 25 million+ actively on Xbox Live. No one is claiming sales of 25 million..but it's safe to say that HALO: REACH is poised to see the same kind of success Modern Warfare 2 saw last November on the 360.

'Anyone who was waiting for a Halo game to buy a 360 has already had three chances this generation.'

Anyone who wanted to buy a Call of Duty game had 3 times this generation to buy it before Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was released..and how did that turn out?

Halo 3 is the only true full FPS Halo game released this gen..Halo Reach is obviously the ULTIMATE Halo release ever made and deserves the fan fare that will come with it's release.

'And lets all be honest here. The only people who are going to flock to the store to get a new xbox when Halo Reach releases are the hardcore Halo fans who want the Halo Edition and the hardcore Microsoft fans who want to boost the sales numbers'

So what's your point? Last year's Modern Warfare 2 360 was the same exact situation and it boosted Microsft's sales as well..isn't that the point for EVERY system that releases bundles?

ChineseDemocracy3828d ago

Halo is the flagship title for the Xbox 360, of course they're going to praise and promote the sh*t out of it.

However, those who don't own a 360 (myself included) can hardly call this their most anticipated game in 2010.

atticus143828d ago

I can see where its the most anticipated game for the xbox community considering..well its pretty much the only game they will have this fall-Christmas outside of a couple of big name multiplatform games. Next year is Gears 3 then you can pretty much stick a fork in the system, because its done. MS will hurry on their way to the "next box" and establish a foothold in next gen territory.