100 Medal of honor Beta Codes up for grabs!

Simply send an email with your gamertag to get given a code for the Medal of Honor Beta. The codes work on both platforms.


Codes have all been emailed this morning.

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BigKev453184d ago

Don't bother people the beta sucks!

bostoner3184d ago

I agree it's not that good and doesn't the beta end today for PS3 and PC anyways and the 360 in a week(because they got in late? Then what good does a beta code next week do? Its like 4-6 days of access on a sub par beta.

DERKADER3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

Who thought it would be a good idea to try and recreate MW with the frostbite engine then use UE3 for the campaign?

ShadesMoolah3184d ago

Codes sent out from Tomorrow.

iPlayGamez3184d ago

It could of been fun if it had better hit detection and most importantly (and i know this wont change but) LESS CAMPING.

Acquiescence3184d ago

not after what Ice-Tea said.

DelbertGrady3184d ago

He seems to be endorsing piracy though. :)

hi23184d ago

keys for the pc?shit! wanted to try it on the pc too

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The story is too old to be commented.